Zack Snyder Claims His ‘Justice League’ Cut Includes Over Two Hours of Unseen Footage

Speaking about his mini-series will debut in 2021, the ‘Batman v Superman’ director reveals the biggest change will affect Ezra Miller’s the Flash character and his power for super speed.

AceShowbiz -Moviemaker Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” revamp will feature well over two hours of unreleased material.

The director was forced to abandon the 2017 superhero movie due to a family tragedy, and hand over the reins to Joss Whedon, but when disgruntled fans demanded to see the film that he would have completed last year, a ‘Snyder Cut’ campaign was launched and Zack has been piecing together a four-hour epic for HBO Max for much of 2020.

The mini-series will debut in 2021 and Snyder reveals it won’t look much like Whedon’s version of his film.

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“I am looking at the actual visual effects shots because the cut is locked, so I’m just looking at these shots everyday as they come in,” he tells Vero. “It’s really exciting and I’m excited for you guys to see the giant amount of movie that you have coming your way… It is probably a solid two and a half hours of unseen footage in this movie.”

“That’s gonna be fun for everyone to experience this for the first time.”

The director reveals the biggest change will affect Ezra Miller‘s the Flash character – and his power for super speed: “I know a lot of people love that aspect of it; I just don’t… I think it goes against physics. You (can) say they’re (people) protected by the Speed Force, but that’s open to interpretation.

“I feel like if you grab someone at the speed he’s moving at, you could literally tear their arm out of its socket. He’s moving so fast, it would literally peel the flesh off of somebody’s body, so he’s gotta be super careful with humans inside of the Speed Force.”

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