Yellowstone season 4 theories: Has Jamie really abandoned Rip and his family?

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Yellowstone season four is on the way on The Paramount Network, and there are many questions left to be answered. Before the attacks on several members of the Dutton family, Jamie Dutton (played by Wes Bentley) called Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser). He told Rip not to contact him again, and fans are keen to know what he is really up to.

Has Jamie really abandoned Rip and his family?

Yellowstone season three ended with a huge twist as some unnamed assassins targeted members of the Dutton family.

John Dutton (Kevin Costner) was shot, Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) was also targeted by shooters and Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) was caught up in an explosion at her office.

Many fans think Jamie had something to do with the attacks, as he has always been the outsider of the family.

Just before everything kicked off, Jamie called Rip Wheeler and asked him not to make contact anymore.

Viewers are wondering why he would go to the trouble of doing so, and they have taken to Reddit to share their thoughts.

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Sempreh said: “Why would Jaime tell Rip not to call him anymore? I really don’t think Jaime was the one that put the hits out because no way would he ever attack Kayce.

“Oh and y’all reckon Kayce knows Jaime was adopted? I’m thinking yes due to his comment that Jaime better not call him anything else than brother. [sic].”

Some viewers believe Jamie may have left the area after he cut ties with his adoptive family for the last time.

MontanaJoev added: “I don’t think the phone call is all that complicated. I think this is Jamie finally severing those ties to the family, for good.

“He’s telling Rip not to call him anymore because he feels like it’s no longer his problem. I think it’s symbolic of what Jamie’s direction is for S4.”

Hopefully, he will remain a part of the series one way or another, but he may have a separate storyline to the other characters.

Some fans believe he may have been involved in John’s shooting, otherwise he would not have wasted his time making the phonecall to Rip.

Lgb127 said: “I wondered the exact same thing about the phone call. Why would Jamie say that, frankly, if he wasn’t involved with at least ONE of the assassination attempts?

“I think it could be John, because as Jamie’s real father said, to take an empire you have to “kill the king”.”

One fan pointed out how Jamie’s real father mentioned some cousins and they believe they may have been hired to kill John.

SRM_Thornfoot said: “No need to hire anybody. Jamie’s Birth father mentions a couple of cousins in east Montana. That van the shooters pulled up in is just the kind of vehicle I would expect his cousins to have.”

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While some believe Jamie had some part to play in the attacks, others believe he does not have the guts to go through with a murder plot.

Jamie may not agree with his family’s plans for the Dutton ranch, but he is capable of showing some love towards them.

Beth actress Reilly said the reason she and Jamie always fell out was they loved each other enough to make time to pick on each other.

She said if there was no genuine love there, they would not waste each other’s time.

With this in mind, Jamie may have fallen off the list of main suspects behind the assassination attempts.

Lumpymuffin1812 said: “I think of it this way though. If Jamie had anything to do with the attacks, would he tip his hand so obviously by telling Rip not to call him?

“Or would he play the shocked and concerned Dutton? I think this phone call kind of rules Jamie out as a suspect unless he’s a moron.”

Viewers are torn over whether Jamie’s real father’s final words resonated with Jamie enough to order the killings.

While some believe he is cutting remaining ties with the family to run away from his mess, others believe he would be playing a dangerous game contacting Rip if he really did try and kill his family.

Season four of the Western melodrama should air in the summer of 2021, so there is not too long left to find out the truth.

Yellowstone airs on Paramount Network

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