Will There Be a Season 7 of PBS Masterpiece's 'Endeavour'?

For more than two decades, mystery lovers tuned in to Masterpiece on PBS to watch Inspector Morse, which focused on an intellectual and curmudgeonly Oxford police detective who investigated mayhem and murder in an English university town. Sadly for fans, that show ended its 33-episode run in 2000. But in 2012, PBS decided to go back in time and explore Inspector Morse’s early days with the Oxford (and later Thames Valley) police in Endeavour. Fans loved it, and the sixth season currently airing on PBS.

Now, with Season 6 finale of Endeavour airing on July 7, viewers likely have one big question: Will Morse and his colleagues be back to solve more crimes in a Season 7? 

‘Endeavour’ has been renewed for Season 7 

Endeavour airs on ITV in the U.K., with new seasons showing across the pond several months before they make their way to the U.S. While that means American fans have to wait a bit to see new episodes, it also means that renewal decisions are often made well before the show airs stateside. 

In early March, ITV revealed that it had renewed Endeavour for a seventh season. Shaun Evans will return as the young Endeavour Morse and Roger Allam will be back as Morse’s mentor DI Fred Thursday. However, there’s been no announcement yet about whether other actors from the series will return for Season 7.

Production should begin later in 2019 in Oxford, with new episodes to air in the U.K. (and likely in the U.S.) in 2020.  

Endeavour was recently voted the fourth-greatest British crime drama ever in a Radio Times poll, ITV noted when it announced the show’s renewal. 

What to expect from the next season of ‘Endeavour’ 

In Season 6 of Endeavour, which takes place in 1969, Morse and the other main characters are coping with the rocky merger of the Oxford police into the larger Thames Valley division. They’re also struggling with the fallout from the murder of DC George Fancy at the end of Season 5. 

Season 7 will be set in 1970 and see Morse and his fellow detectives dealing with “a new decade of decimalization, package holidays, the Oil Crisis, Blackouts, Three Day Weeks, and Europa Endlos,” creator Russell Lewis said in a statement. Lewis has written all 27 episodes of the series and will do so again for the next season. 

Presumably, the next season will also see Morse, Thursday, and other characters moving on after finally learning the truth about who killed Fancy, which is revealed in the Season 6 finale. 

The most recent season of Endeavour saw some fans’ beloved characters experience some big changes. Will there be more big surprises in store for viewers in Season 7? Perhaps. In an interview with Masterpiece Studio, Evans said everyone involved in the show wants to keep things from getting stale. 

“I think when you get to this point in a long-running story, if you’re lucky enough to get to this point, you have to keep pulling the rug from under everybody,” he said. “And so it’s good if you have the opportunity to put them all in situations which you would never ever imagine them in, you know?”

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