Who Killed Sara ending explained: Could Sara still be alive?

Who Killed Sara: Manolo Cardona stars in Netflix trailer

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Who Killed Sara? is on Netflix now and just a few days after its release, it was renewed for a second season. The Mexican murder mystery has gone down a huge hit with viewers across the globe, as they all want the answer to the big question. Some viewers have suggested Sara (played by Ximena Lamadrid) may still actually be alive.

Could Sara still be alive?

Who Killed Sara? season one offered a surprising revelation at the end – that Sara was not the sister Alex (Manolo Cardona) thought she was.

Viewers had learned how Sara had been dating Rodolfo Lazcano (Alejandro Nones), and they believed his mother Mariana (Claudia Ramírez) may have had something to do with Sara’s death.

Sara was also pregnant before she died, and the baby was in fact César’s (Ginés García Millán).

Sara was under the impression the father of her baby had killed Flora Sánchez, and viewers believe Mariana wanted to protect her family.

One theory is that Mariana asked Elroy (Héctor Jiménez) to tamper with Sara’s parachute and make her death look like an accident.

Towards the end, Alex found Sara’s journals, in which she wrote of how she was feeling depressed.

There was also a drawing of a grave, which Alex recognised, and he ended up finding a mystery skull.

Some fans have suggested the skull is Flora’s, but they will have to wait until season two to find out.

One of the most frustrating things is that fans never learned who killed Sara.

This has led some fans to believe she may actually still be alive, and they took to Reddit to discuss the theory.

One fan said: “As for my predictions for next season, something is telling me Sara is not dead.

“I’m not sure if any of you have watched Riverdale, but you know how the coroner in that show is super corrupt?

“Like money motivated the coroner to fake a death (don’t want to spoil)? I feel like Don Cesar might have done that to Sara if she made it to the hospital on time.

“Like he paid the doctor off to fake her death. But why save her?” [Sic]

However, there are some viewers who have disputed the theory, saying: “I doubt Sara is still alive. It’s like 13 Reasons Why.”

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Thankfully season two will explore Sara’s character further and fans will gain insight into her mind.

Another said: “We find out at the end that Sara wasn’t what she seemed, she had clear psychological issues which we’ll discover in season 2.”

Ahead of the series release, Cardona spoke to Geek Vibes Podcast about Alex’s role and what he really thinks happened to his sister.

In the series, he has a close relationship with Elisa (Carolina Miranda), but he may not be able to fully trust her as she is a member of the Lazcano family.

The star said: “That’s part of what the audience are going to find out. It’s a very interesting relationship.

“It’s going to be complicated, but I think the audience is going to make the bet.”

He was also asked whether there was any line Alex would not cross in order to figure out who killed Sara.

He added: “No, with Alex, I think he wouldn’t mind crossing any line. He’s super sure that he doesn’t mind going to jail again or to die.

“Whatever happens to him, he’s going to find out the truth and that’s his motivation. That’s what moves him.”

Who Killed Sara? season 1 is streaming on Netflix now.

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