Who is Wayne Lineker and is he married?

GARY Lineker is a household name thanks to his long career as a footballer and sports pundit.

But his brother Wayne has hit the headlines after he posted a "gross" video which is being slammed by fans.

Who is Wayne Lineker?

58-year-old Wayne is the younger brother to football legend Gary Lineker.

He is known for owning Ibiza's famous Ocean Beach club.

Wayne off his nightlife empire in 1988 with his own brand of sports bars called Lineker’s Bar.

He reportedly has a wealth of £30M.

Is Wayne Lineker married?

As of 2020 Wayne is believed to be single.

In November 2019 he split from 26-year-old model Danielle Sandhu.

The pair, who were engaged at the time of their break up, were together for four years.

When did Wayne Lineker go to jail?

In 2006 Wayne was jailed for tax fraud.

He was sentenced to two and a half years after he admitted conspiracy to defraud the Inland Revenue.

He admitted using unsuspecting relatives and friends to ferry foreign currency to Britain from his Lineker's sports bars in Spain.

He was also ordered to pay a £90,000 confiscation order.

What happened in the controversial video Wayne Lineker posted?

On August 6, 2020 Wayne was slammed for being "gross" after he posted a video which showed him choosing a young “date” from his Ibiza club staff and pushing “rejects” into the pool.

Wayne was savaged on social media, with people saying it made “nauseating” viewing, as he shoved the chests of orange swimwear-clad young women to make them topple into the water.

Video showing him choosing his "dream doll" was filmed at his club in Ibiza.

It ended with him choosing Love Island star Katie Salmon.

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