Who is new Chaser Darragh Ennis on The Chase?

THE CHASE has added to its repertoire of brainboxes with Darragh Ennis becoming their sixth Chaser.

But it is not the first time the Irishman has appeared on The Chase, having previously been a contestant.

Who is Darragh Ennis?

Born September 29, 1973, Darragh Ennis hails from Ireland – making him 47 years old.

Outside of being a quizzer and the new Chaser, he is also a postdoctoral researcher at Oxford University – specialising in the study of the brains of insects.

Darragh previously worked at Concordia University in Canada and Ireland's Maynooth University.

What is Darragh Ennis' nickname on The Chase?

The Chasers are sometimes more known for their nicknames than their own names – with Mark Labbett being famously called the Beast.

With The Governess Anne Hegerty and The Dark Destroyer Shaun Wallace, the monikers have become a regular theme on the hit gameshow.

And Darragh Ennis is no different, as the new Chaser already has two nicknames in The Dublin Dynamo and D. Ennis the Menace – in a nod to his own name.

When was Darragh Ennis a contestant?

It is a rarity, but contestants on The Chase have returned to become the Chasers.

Darragh Ennis took part in the show in 2017, performing well in the cash builder round to put £9,000 on the table.

Despite chaser Paul Sinha's attempts to persuade him to go higher or lower, Darragh eased through and banked that amount for his team.

But his teammates all took lower offers – including two minus ones – to get through to the Final Chase.

Darragh contributed 14 correct answers to leave Sinha with the unsurmountable challenge of topping their 23 steps – yet they took just £1,575 each home.

Now, Darragh becomes the sixth ex-contestant to take the hot seat – the first in the UK.

How was Darragh Ennis' first Chase?

Darragh Ennis made his debut in the episode aired on November 19, 2020 – but it did not go to plan for the newcomer.

After a dazzling entrance, the nerves seemed to get to the Dublin Dynamo as the contestants enjoyed success in the opening rounds.

Host Bradley Walsh even remarked: "Are you enjoying it – even though you're taking a thrashing?"

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