Who is Jersey Jon from American Pickers?

DESPITE not appearing until season seven, Jersey Joy has become a fan favorite on American Pickers.

American Pickers follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel across America searching for antiques to sell or keep for their personal collections.

Who is Jersey Jon?

Jon Szalay, also known as Jersey Jon, is an antique expert that specializes in motorcycles and motorbikes from the early 1900s.

As his name suggests, Jon grew up in New Jersey.

As a teenager, he made extra money by restoring old furniture for people in his neighborhood.

By the age of 17, Jon purchased an old bank, which he converted into a workshop with an apartment on the second floor.

When did Jersey Jon first appear on American Pickers?

He first appeared in a season seven episode of the long running History Channel show.

He quickly became a fan favorite, appearing in other episodes, and even taking over for Frank Fritz on one episode airing in January 2021.

In 2021, Jon revealed to the Antique Motorcycle Foundation in an interview that he knew Mike Wolfe before the show ever started.

"He's a great friend," Jersey Jon said.

"When he is working on the East Coast, he sleeps on my couch. And when I go out west for the Davenport meet, he and I would go picking up and down the Mississippi River."

Will Jersey Jon appear in more episodes of American Pickers?

According to his IMDb page, Jersey Jon is only credited for one 2021 episode of the show.

However, the pickers are returning to Missouri and Wisconsin in summer 2021.

Also on Facebook in November 2020, he reassured fans that "new episodes were on the way."

Jersey Jon still works out of his original warehouse in New Jersey, now called First National Antiques Restoration.

In the same 2012 interview, he spoke about living right above his workshop.

“You walk into the shop in the morning and see five or six different projects. There’s a stain that you put on a desk the night before, and you can’t wait to see how it has turned out.

"Or a carburetor casting to break out of the mold. Or a piece of furniture you have glued that are ready for the next step (pictured left). You can just go from one fascinating project to the next, and it never gets old.”

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