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THE Rolling Stones have been a household name since rising to fame in the sixties.

They haven't showed any signs of slowing down and are still performing together.

Who are The Rolling Stones?

Former members of The Rolling Stones include Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Bill Wyman and Nick Taylor.

Some of its members have, however, remained loyal throughout the years.

Mick Jagger

Perhaps the most famous member of The Rolling Stones.

His dance moves and high energy stage presence has made him a true rock icon.

Born into a middle-class family in Dartford, in Kent, on July 26, 1943, Mick was first set to follow his father's career path as a physical education teacher.

His passion for singing and music soon caught up with him.

"I always sang as a child", he was quoted saying in the book According To The Rolling Stones.

"I was one of those kids who just liked to sing. Some kids sing in choirs, others like to show in front of the mirror."

"I was in the church choir and I also loved listening to singers on the radio – the BBC or Radio Luxembourg – or watching them on TV or in the movies."

In September 1950, while he was enrolled at Wentworth Primary School, Mick met Keith Richards, who he quickly befriended.

Although they lost touch, when Mick's family moved to Wilmington, Kent, the two men found each other again during a chance encounter on platform two at Dartford railway station in July 1960.

One year later, Mick left school after passing seven O-Levels and two A-levels but was still adamant on studying finance and accounting at the London School of Economics.

Mick and Keith were still planning on starting their own rhythm and blues group, called Blues Incorporated.

During his youth, Mick had also thought of becoming either a journalist or a politician, comparing the latter to a rock star.

He eventually left London School of Economics in 1963 in order to focus on his promising music career with The Rolling Stones.

Keith Richards

Guitarist and vocalist, singing backing vocals on many Stones songs, Keith is another original and infamous member of the band.

As mentioned above, he first met singer Mick in primary school.

Born on December 18, 1943, in Dartford, Keith always knew his path would lead him to a career in music.

His maternal grandfather, Augustus Theodore "Gus" Dupree toured Britain with his own jazz band and gave him a passion for playing guitar at an early age.

Although he received most of his family's support, Keith's father did not look favourably on this career choice.

Expelled for truancy from Dartford Tech in 1959, he attended Sidcup Art College but was soon diverted from his studies by music.

He left Sidcup Art College in 1962 and moved into a London flat alongside Mick and Brian Jones.

His parents divorced around the same time, which led him to stay close to his mother while remaining estranged from his father for twenty years.

Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts replaced Rolling Stones drummer Tony Chapman in 1963 and did not leave his spot until his death in August 2021.

Born in 1941 in Bloomsbury, London, he celebrated his 80th birthday on June 2, 2021.

Before turning to rock, his earliest works were jazz recordings and he is a childhood friend of jazz bassist Dave Green, with whom he discovered his first 78rpm records.

Although he developed an interest for art, music, cricket and football, Charlie eventually turned to drumming at the age of thirteen.

"I bought a banjo", he once told The New Yorker in 2012, "and I didn't like the dots on the neck. So I took the neck off, and at the same time I heard a drummer called Chico Hamilton, who played with Gerry Mulligan.

"I wanted to play like that, with brushes. I didn't have a snare drum, so I put the banjo head on a stand."

His parents gave him his first drum kit in 1955.

He then met Brian Jones, Keith and Mick in mid-1962 at the London rhythm and blues club.

Charlie died peacefully surrounded by his loved ones on August 24, 2021.

Ronnie Wood

Hailing from Middlesex, and born on June 1, 1947, Ronnie Wood began his musical career alongside Rod Stewart after his first band, The Birds, broke up in 1967.

They eventually joined Kenney Jones and formed the band Faces.

Their last album Ooh La La was released in 1973, before Rod went on to pursue a solo career.

Ronnie then joined The Rolling Stones as an official member during the 1980s.

The three surviving Faces members reunited in July 2021 for a series of live performances and will reportedly release new recordings.

Where are they now?

The Rolling Stones have remained active into the 2020s, releasing close to thirty studio albums, among other projects, over the years, in the UK as well as in the US.

In 2021, they prepped a new box set for their album Tattoo You, released in August 1981, as a way to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Ronnie broke the news during an interview with The Times on July 17, 2021.

He has admitted to working with Mick, as both men "have done nine new tracks."

Ronnie also revealed that he battled with cancer a second time during lockdown.

And after Charlie's death the band revealed they were continuing with their tour in the US as an emotional tribute to their friend and drummer.

Jagger, 78, Richards, 77, and Wood, 74, are due to resume their No Filter Tour in St Louis, Missouri, on September 26, 2021.

Charlie had already pulled out of the tour due to an op in July 2021, with drummer Steve Jordan taking his place.

The band are still performing together in 2022.

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