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LOUIS Theroux's latest documentary 'Shooting Joe Exotic' shows him pay a visit to Florida, where he meets one of the stars of the Netflix smash 'Tiger King' in Carole Baskin.

However, this is not the first time Theroux has prowled the now infamous grounds of Joe Exotic's controversial big cat sanctuary, he already has one programme alongside the eccentric animal owner, released in 2011.

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How can I watch Louis Theroux’s documentary on Joe Exotic?

Good news, here in the UK you can still watch this documentary.

It is available on BBC iPlayer right now.

The hour long show is on there until February 2022, so get watching now.

What was Louis Theroux’s documentary on Joe Exotic about?

The documentary aired on BBC2 back in 2011 called 'Louis Theroux Dangerous Pets'.

The show features an interview with Joe, along with a woman who owns one of America’s largest collections of chimpanzees.

In the show Louis can be heard asking Joe what would happen if a tiger got hold of him.

To this Joe replied that he would "shoot" him the head as it would be "more humane" than have the lion eat him.


What other TV shows has Joe Exotic been on?

Throughout Netflix's Tiger King we see Joe filming for his own reality show.

The series has never been aired on TV, however you can watch the clips on YouTube.

If you need more of Joe in your life then head to JoeExoticTV.

Given the fact Joe Exotic is set to spend the next 20 years behind bars, he is not set to grace the screen with new content anytime soon.







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