When were Carla Connor and Nick Tilsley married in Coronation Street and why did they split?

Nick Tilsley arrived back on Coronation Street after going awol for a year – and he's already stirring up trouble.

His ex-wife Carla Connor isn't too pleased about being forced into business with him after Peter sold him his factory shares – but when were they married? – here's the lowdown…

When were Carla Connor and Nick Tilsley married in Coronation Street?

Carla and Nick Tilsley first became close when they were neighbours in Victoria flats following Carla’s split from Peter Barlow.

He visited her and they bonded as they talked about their failed marriages.

Carla hoped their friendship would develop into something more but Nick’s older lover Erica Holyrood announced she was pregnant.

Later Nick helped bail Carla out when she got Underworld into financial problems by gambling.

She decided she wanted to sell the business and leave Weatherfield but Nick secretly got in touch with her cousin Aidan Connor and asked him to invest in the factory.

Meanwhile Erica miscarried and eventually broke up with Nick, realising his heart lay with Carla.

They made their relationship official shortly after.

Carla proposed to Nick in December 2015 and he accepted.

But just after Christmas Carla discovered that Johnny Connor was actually her dad, making Aidan and Kate her half-siblings and also meaning that when she married Paul Connor, he was actually her cousin.

Carla turned to drink to cope and ended up having a boozy one-night-stand with Robert Preston.

She felt awful about cheating on Nick but didn’t confess and was stunned when Robert bought shares in the Bistro meaning he’d be sticking around.

In February 2016 Carla was shocked to find out that her nemesis Tracy Barlow knew about her fling with Robert.

She tried to blackmail Carla and told her she’d tell Nick unless she left the area and sold the Bistro to Robert.

Carla and Nick decided to move to Devon for a fresh start and they married in May 2016.



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Why did Carla and Nick split up in Corrie?

Sadly Carla wasn’t about to get her happy ever after though and on the wedding day she felt guilty about her one-night-stand with Robert and took Nick aside to confess.

Nick decided to marry Carla anyway but Tracy was still intent on ruining the wedding and interrupted when they were saying their vows, revealing that Carla had slept with Robert.

The wedding went ahead anyway but later Nick wondered if Carla had slept with Robert before she asked him to marry her.

Carla promised that she hadn’t but the seeds of doubt were planted and Nick knew he could never fully trust her.

He walked out on her and made arrangements to have the wedding annulled.

Carla left Weatherfield for Devon soon after and Nick reconciled with Leanne Battersby.


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