Westworld fans stunned as original star makes unlikely comeback in traumatic season 3 flashbacks – The Sun

WESTWORLD fans were forced to do a double take as William made a surprise return in season three.

The season one character, played by Jimmi Simpson, first entered the iconic park in the second ever episode as the younger version of the Man In Black.

His surprise comeback two seasons later comes as a hallucination of the past, suffered by his worry-riddled older self.

The Man In Black is undergoing a troubling therapy session after taking a psychiatric drug when he revisits his previous life, and therefore it was prime time for William to appear.

After dealing with his fresh faced other self, the Man In Black is also forced to confront a series of tough emotional issues, including his unrequited love for Dolores.

It also hones in on his alcoholic father and his former deceased mentor.

Fans will no doubt be chuffed by the return of House of Cards actor Jimmi, yet it appears to be for one-episode only, with the Man In Black finishing up his mental health session.

Meanwhile, Westworld's third instalment brings things very close to home, according to show director Richard J Lewis.

He has revealed the HBO series' very dark links to the current coronavirus pandemic and how the plot parallels reality.

Speaking to Deadline, he explained: "For me the greater scenes of Westworld have always had to do with what makes us human, and by juxtaposing the hosts or robot persona against that, we have to look at ourselves.

"This is a time where we have to look at ourselves obviously. I think that if this coronavirus situation were not here, eventually we’d have to do the same self searching that we’re always heading toward.

"This is the big existential question: What does it mean to be human? And now I think with this global pandemic happening, we are looking at ourselves as one and not being divisive.

"We try not to over-factionalize and make these divisions, and we’re thinking of ourselves from a very humanist point of view and I think the show is very relevant on that front."

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