Watch Kate McKinnon’s Debate-Inspired Elizabeth Warren, Marianne Williamson Impressions

Master impersonator Kate McKinnon showed off her Elizabeth Warren impression and a brand-new take on Marianne Williamson while appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers. The Saturday Night Live star appears in the new film Yesterday.

McKinnon and Meyers revealed that the comedian joined the writing staff of the late-night show to watch the Democratic Debate that day. Meyers pointed out that Elizabeth Warren appeared to have worn an outfit inspired by the purple blazer McKinnon sported while portraying Warren on SNL last season. From there, McKinnon, in her Warren voice, talked about how “happy” the presidential hopeful looked on the debate stage. “She looked like a girl on her wedding day when everyone who ever bullied her was getting a divorce,” she added.

McKinnon then noted that she wishes there was a SNL show this Saturday following the debates. Meyers was quick to point to someone like Marianne Williamson, who turned out to be a quotable figure for the second night of the debates, may not make it to the fall primaries.

“The window for Marianne Williamson impressions might be closing fast,” Meyers said, prodding McKinnon to show off the one she formed that day. The actress turned to the camera with an intense stare, referencing Williamson’s more mystical views and quoting her actual line “Girlfriend, you are so on,” which was said in reference to a conversation she had with the prime minister of New Zealand.

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