Violent fight, Ben's rage, Ruby's shock romance and 7 more EastEnders spoilers

There are some huge shocks ahead in EastEnders – not least of all the identity of Max Branning’s (Jake Wood) new lover which is Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton). As Stacey Branning (Lacey Turner) reels from the shock of this, it’s clear that she is jealous – but where does that leave Martin (James Bye)?

Elsewhere, family conflicts explode as Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) launches an attack on Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) while Ben Mitchell’s (Max Bowden) joy at finding some acceptance from Phil (Steve McFadden) is short lived. Meanwhile, Tiffany Butcher’s (Maisie Smith) exit decision is met with a mixed reception.

10 EastEnders spoilers

  • Ben is furious by Phil’s involvement with Shirley.
  • Ian is concerned by Bobby’s distracted behaviour.
  • Stuart has a plan as Jack discusses the trouble he is in.
  • Tiffany reveals her plans to move home.
  • Martin tries to get Stacey and Kat to make amends.
  • Karen has a shocking announcement for the Taylors.
  • Linda is chuffed when Shirley leaves her job at the Vic.
  • Stacey is stunned to find out that Ruby is in a relationship with Max.
  • Gray and Mitch end up in a violent fight.
  • Keegan opens his heart to Tiffany as she leaves.

Monday 22nd July

It’s Bobby’s birthday and Kathy and Ian want to mark the occasion but when Bobby receives a gift from a friend, Ian and Kathy are curious but he covers. Later at the party, Ian is concerned by Bobby’s distant behaviour. Meanwhile, Phil hands Ben an old boxing trophy but Ben’s delight turns to rage when he interrupts Phil’s meeting with Shirley.

Stuart hatches a plan after hearing about Jack’s troubles while Tiffany tells Whitney that she is moving away to Milton Keynes. Tiffany later tries to make amends with Keegan but his reaction only convinces her that she has made the right decision about leaving.

Karen teases her important news while Martin’s attempt to unite Kat and Stacey backfires.

Tuesday 23rd July

The Taylors and Atkins are taken aback by Karen’s huge announcement while Shirley announces her plans to leave her job at the Vic much to Linda’s delight – but Mick warns his mum not to bring any of Phil’s dodgy business dealings to his door.

Stacey suggests a meal with Martin but later, when Max injures himself, Stacey makes a shocking discovery. As he breaks down, Stacey misses Martin’s calls. As Max makes a surprising admission to Stacey, Martin angrily glares at his house, wondering what is going on.

Kim drops a bombshell on Denise – she’s leaving for a job in Scotland.

Thursday 25th July

Stacey wakes up at Max’s and, in a panic, she exits. Stacey promises to make it up to a suspicious Martin but he wanrs answers. However, he decides to play down his own insecurities – until he learns that Stacey has cooked extra for Max. But as she takes it round, Ruby answers the door.

Sonia determines to give Tiffany a proper send off and arranges a picnic, and Whitney invites Keegan. Later, Keegan prepares for a day in Gray’s office and he urges the teenager to speak to Tiffany. He bottles it and Tiffany throws away a gift she had bought for him and Bernie.

Lola comes to Ruby’s rescue in the salon while Mel supports Louise as her friens mock her pregnancy. Karen revels in her new relationship while Bailey is on a recylcing mission.

Friday 26th July

Bailey shows Bernie the present that Tiffany was going to give to her and she begs Keegan to stop her from leaving. Keegan sees sense and races to try and talk her round but is it too late? Meanwhile, Keegan announces he is quitting school on Gray’s advice and Mitch confronts him, leading to a fight.

Max explains his history with Stacey to Ruby while Mel gets Louise to open up and Mel realises Lisa doesn’t know her daughter is pregnant.

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