Viewers convinced they know who will be voted out in first I'm A Celeb exit tonight | The Sun

I'M A Celeb fans are sure they know who will be the first star booted off the show tomorrow.

It's not who you expected either.

Telly fans have done a dramatic u-turn over who they want to leave the jungle first.

Twitter fans have switched from Matt Hancock, to Charlene White to leave I'm A Celeb tonight.

It's thanks to 'RV-gate'-the Loose Woman's refusal to sleep in the luxury RV accommodation alongside the controversial MP.

Fans took to Twitter to explain why they wanted the newsreader, who has ruffled feathers over her sleeping arrangements, to head home.

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One said: " If Matt Hancock refused to share the caravan with selfish CHARLENE, I can only imagine the backlash."

Another said: "Send Charlene home for consistently breaking the rules."

Others defended her, with one saying: "I get the Charlene RV thing. I moved into the spare room when a giant house spider disappeared under my bed. Still not back yet. Charlene's an arachnophobe. The RV's way worse than outdoors as spiders can get "stuck" and hangout on the walls around you."

Another sympathised: "Isn't it obvious why Charlene doesn't want to sleep in the RV? It's because of Matt Hancock."

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Charlene is not the only one to be singled out for the axe.

Fans are also calling for Matt, Boy George and Sue Cleaver to go.

One said: "Charlene, Matt or George for home please and thank you."

Another said: "Should do a triple elimination and send Sue, Charlene and Boy George home at the same time."

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Meanwhile Jill Scott remains the nation's favourite to win.

Fans have got behind the Lioness from the get-go thanks to her quirky dance-moves, impromptu raps and for boosting camp morale.

One Tweeted: "Jill's our queen."

Another said: "Jill for the win."

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