Traces viewers stunned as they notice something VERY wrong with murder victim's body

TRACES viewers left the drama's second episode feeling very confused and a little bit grossed out.

People have been loving the Scottish Noir crime thriller starring Line Of Duty's Martin Compston and Molly Windsor, but were left scratching their heads after Tuesday's episode.

Traces is a six part crime series which first aired on Alibi and can now be seen on the BBC.

It follows forensic science student Emma Hedges (Windsor) as she realises one of her course case studies is eerily similar to shockingly real chapter of her life.

One scene sees the aspiring forensic investigator attend a very gruesome class dedicated to bone cutting.

Prof Kathy Torrance (Jennifer Spence) leads the class and interestingly tells her students not to read too much into forensic details like, contact marks in bone because it can attach emotion to them.

It's especially relevant to Emma because her mum was dismembered after she was murdered.

While this was all very juicy information which leads Emma closer to finding out the truth about her mum, viewers were too distracted by the body in the scene.

"Pretty sure a dead body just blinked," wrote one Twitter user.

The second episode also introduces Compston character, Daniel, and also introduces many questions about Emma's paternity.

Emma asks her dad, Drew (John Gordon Sinclair), about an old photo of himself and her late mum in bed close to the time she died and is especially concerned because her mum was married to a different man at the time of her death.

She is perplexed as to who took the photo but Drew does not want to say too much and when it's revealed the photo was taken at her best mate Skye's house, it makes sense that her friend did not want to talk about it.

Skye then asks her mum Izzy – who is in hospital dying – about the mysterious photo, but they are both keeping something from Emma.

Viewers became really confused about what the photo could mean and questioned Emma's paternity.

One Twitter user wrote: "I got a bit confused with the fathers. When one is which?"

And another added: "Okay so I’ve just finished E1 of #Traces and I’m VERY confused, but I also enjoyed it. Hopefully more will start to come together as the episodes progress."

Traces is on at 9pm on BBC One and the full series is available on BBC iPlayer.

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