This Morning hit with 209 fresh Ofcom complaints after energy bill outrage

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This Morning has come under fire after it emerged more than 200 people have complained to Ofcom about their Spin To Win contest.

Previously, 170 people had complained to the broadcasting watchdog after viewers were given the chance to have their energy bills paid, rather than a cash prize.

The format shake-up enraged viewers with 170 people initially complaining to Ofcom in regards to the competition which aired on September 5.

Normally, those tuning in to the ITV programme can win large sums of money as well as other unique prizes.

However, due to the rising cost of living and astronomical energy bill prices, bosses at This Morning opted to add in a new prize.

One person, Darren from Essex was one of those who managed to win having his energy bill paid for by ITV for four months.

Prior to spinning the wheel, Phillip Schofield quizzed him on whether he was worried about the cost of living soaring.

He said that he was dreading the winter period but was thrilled when the marker landed on the energy bills section.

He exclaimed: "That's such a relief."

Despite the opportunity, many took to social media sharing their frustration at the prize, with one viewer penning: "Paying for viewers' energy bills just feels wrong. Obviously, it's a nice incentive, but wow, it just shows the grim reality we're all living in."

"Grim times indeed," commented a second.

While a third tweeted: "Has it all got this bad that Holly and Phil are now giving away free energy bills on This Morning? I can't believe it honestly."

The presenter didn't take the criticism lying down as he addressed it during a broadcast on September 6 when he said: "Everyone's talking about it".

He then detailed the changes to the wheel, saying: "Well, loads of cash prizes up for grabs.

"Our boss has been incredibly generous, he's decided to increase the money to include all of your household bills.

"Mortgage, petrol, food, energy, you decide. We will pay your bills until the end of the year up to the value of £3000."

One viewer won the last opportunity to win their bills being paid for, which Phillip instantly saying: "I wonder how much of that they can complain about online."

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