'This Is Us': Everything the Cast Has Said About a Reunion

NBC viewers had a wealth of emotions brought on by the This Is Us Season 6 finale. The finale brought closure to the Pearson family saga, and it answered questions fans had along the way regarding where the Big Three ended up after Rebecca’s death. So, will there be a This Is Us reunion? Here’s everything the cast has said about the possibility — or desire — so far.

Chrissy Metz, Mandy Moore, Chris Sullivan, Jon Huertas, and Justin Hartley are upon to ‘This Is Us’ spinoffs and reunions

The This Is Us cast talked about the season 6 finale and what they have in store next. So, could a This Is Us reunion be in the works? While creator Dan Fogelman made it clear he doesn’t have current plans for a spinoff or reunion, the cast continues to talk about what they hope to see.

“Who doesn’t love a spinoff?” Kate actor Chrissy Metz told Entertainment Tonight. “And I think that there’s a lot of potential for all of it. So, who knows? In maybe a year or two, somebody misses somebody and somebody writes something. But yes, [there’s] a lot of potential, I feel.”

Mandy Moore spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about a possible reunion. “Look, I say never say ‘never,’” she explained. “I’m sure there’s a way for us all to get together again. And maybe it’s just a reunion where we talk about the show and the impact. But this is a family that I have made for life, and the great thing about art is that it exists forever.”

Kevin actor Justin Hartley told the Los Angeles Times he would love for a reunion to happen. “I hope that we do a reunion thing,” he said. “It doesn’t have to be filmed. It doesn’t have to be for anybody but us — I’ll host it.”

Miguel actor Jon Huertas seems open to the idea, too. “You never know,” he told E! News. “They’ve done some crazy things with old shows and reboots. I mean, with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, it’s a drama now!”

Finally, Toby actor Chris Sullivan also pitched a Golden Girls-style reunion to E! News.  “I think what we do is we just wait 15 years and then we don’t need to wear any of the old-age makeup and we all just show up, you know, me and Griffin [Dunne] and Justin and Sterling [K. Brown], as old men.”

Sterling K. Brown is open to anything as long as creator Dan Fogelman is involved

Randall actor Sterling K. Brown mentioned he’s also willing to take part in a This Is Us reunion or spinoff — but he wants creator Dan Fogelman to have a part in it too. Without Fogelman’s blessing or excellent writing, it’s a no for him.

“The first part of that answer is that if Fogelman is involved, I have to consider it,” Brown told The Hollywood Reporter when they asked about a reunion. “If Fogelman is not involved, I don’t have to consider it. You know where your bread is buttered. You know whose soul infuses everything that you have done.”

The publication also asked Brown if he has any interest in taking part in a spinoff that focuses on Randall’s political ventures moving forward. He said he’d consider it — but also wants to continue playing other characters.

“But a few years down the road, if Dan [Fogelman] is around and Sue [Kelechi Watson] is like, “Yo, man, whatchu doin’?’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know, whatchu doin’?’ And if we want to do our own little version of Michelle and Barack, I would have to at least consider it,” he added.

Is there a season 7 of ‘This Is Us’? Why not?

Fans would love to see a This Is Us reunion or spinoff now that the series officially ended. So, why isn’t here a season 7 of the show? Dan Fogelman always had in mind that the show would end after a certain point.

“It’s because we exactly planned it to go this way,” Fogelman said at an event, according to NBC Insider. “And so we’re on a five‑year path, and to suddenly pivot and add more because we don’t want it to end, it wouldn’t be quite responsible to the show and what we have planned, and it would start becoming something else.” 

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