These are the renting trends predicted to be big in 2021

How is renting set to change in the year ahead?

Along with cravings for more space and a home office, 2021 will bring with it rental trends including Insta-worthy interiors and balcony gardens, according to Quintain Living.

The property management company analysed current and prospective renters’ opinions about what’s most important to them when it comes to their homes, and put together a list of their predicted trends for the year based on their findings.,

Sarah Tinsley, Marketing Director, Quintain Living, sums up: ‘Despite the uncertainty of 2020, the UK rental market is resilient.

‘With more time spent at home than ever before, renters are rightly becoming more discerning and not prepared to compromise.

‘This consumer-led demand, fuelled by a lot of uncertainty in the world, will lead more people who have not considered renting before, to do so, and it will be those landlords that champion truly meaningful innovation, that will thrive.’

So, on to those renting trends. What’s coming up?

More moves

There may have been a bit of a lull in people finding new places in 2020, given, well, the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2021, though, experts reckon news of the vaccine will give renters the confidence to get back into the game and start searching for a new place.

More space

In news that will surprise no one, months in lockdown have made us desperately crave homes with more space.

Having room for a home office is a definite benefit now more of us are working remotely, and renters will be keen on super fast broadband for the same reason.

Quintain Living say: ‘We’re seeing increasing demand from single occupancy residents looking to boost their space, with a notable rise in three bedroom apartment leases amongst this group.’

Insta-worthy interiors

Another effect of lockdown? Wanting our homes to look Instagram-ready… because they’re the only place we’ll be snapping photos for the foreseeable.

Renters will be keen on properties with walls that aren’t painted the same old boring beige or have outdoor spaces to lust over.

The importance of neighbourhoods

‘Lockdown living has broadened our sense of home beyond our four walls to the community beyond. Localism is a big trend and one that will continue in 2021,’ say Quintain.

This makes sense. With public transport limited, renters will prioritise the immediate surroundings of their homes more than ever.

Is there a park nearby? What about a decent supermarket? Are your neighbours nice?

All of this will continue to be important in the year ahead.

Exciting extras

While we’re cooped up inside our homes, we’re in need of entertaining extras within the same building.

Think flats in a block with its own gym, rooftop cinema, or park.

Pet-friendly properties

Lockdown saw a major pet boom, and that’s going to impact the way we rent in 2021.

Along with requesting properties that allow pets, renters will look for homes with easy access to parks and trails for daily dog walks.

Garden space

‘Search for outdoor space sky-rocketed last year, and 20 million novice gardeners took to their plots,’ say Quintain. ‘But in London, waiting lists for allotments can run to seven years.

‘2021 will be a year of growth and reconnection with nature, so renters will seek more than balcony gardening.’

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