The Wanted's Tom Parker looks happy and healthy as 'hair grows back' after gruelling chemotherapy treatment

TOM Parker looked happy and healthy as he snuggled with a family friend's little boy after his hair grew back following gruelling chemotherapy treatment.

The 32-year-old star could be seen beaming as 15-month-old Albie stroked his head in the adorable video, shared by wife Kelsey.

In the touching clip, set to an upbeat song, Tom looks relaxed as he lays on the sofa in a yellow jumper and matching bottoms.

His dark hair is short but appears to be thick, with Albie drinking from a bottle as he snuggles up beside Tom in a fleece babygro – affectionately stroking his head.

At one point, the pair gaze adoringly at one another, with Albie then resting his head on Tom's chest.

Kelsey captioned the adorable post: "When Tom lost his hair to chemotherapy …..Now it’s grown back Albie is so happy."

She added: "Children are so resilient- they don’t know how much we need them ❤️ @tomparkerofficial".

Tom and Kelsey have two children of their own, 21-month-old daughter Aurelia and baby Bodhi, who was born in October last year -just weeks after the star revealed his brain tumour diagnosis.

The Wanted singer was diagnosed with "inoperable" glioblastoma last year, but earlier this month his former bandmate Max George revealed that doctors had been left "shocked" by how well Tom had responded to chemo and radio therapy.

Max revealed that all of his pal's tumours "have been suppressed" after the first bout of treatment.

When asked about the accuracy of reports there is no current cure for Tom's illness, Max confirmed that this was the case – but only due to a lack of research.

He went on: "We're trying to bring more awareness to the science behind it, because there's new treatments happening all the time with this.

"So to an extent, it is right [that there's no cure] but he's reacting so well to treatment so hopefully something comes along and it can be cured – that's the end goal."

Tom recently revealed the treatment for his cancer is causing him to suffer from devastating short-term memory loss.

He took to Instagram to talk about the symptoms of chemo and radiotherapy, adding that he forgets what he's "just done".

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