The Trial of Christine Keeler: What happened to Mandy Rice-Davies after Profumo Affair?

The Trial of Christine Keeler returns tonight (Sunday, January 12) with another episode of the hit historical drama. Tonight’s episode features Christine Keeler (played by Sophie Cookson) and Mandy Rice-Davies (Ellie Bamber) as the Profumo Affair threatens to hit the papers. But what happened to the real Rice-Davies after the Profumo Affair happened?

What happened to Mandy Rice-Davies after Profumo Affair?

New BBC drama The Trial of Christine Keeler examines the history behind the explosive political scandal of the Profumo Affair.

Known for dominating headlines in the early 1960s, the affair between young model Christine Keeler and Minister for War John Profumo (Ben Miles) had vast consequences for those involved.

This is examined in the new show from the point of view of the young woman at the heart of it, as well as her close friends Stephen Ward (James Norton) and Rice-Davies.

Rice-Davies was a Welsh model and showgirl who first met Keeler when they both worked at Murray’s Cabaret Club in Soho.

She is played by Bamber in the BBC adaptation of the Profumo Affair, who is well-known for her role in Les Misérables as Cosette.


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Speaking to and other media at the recent launch of the show she said she found out more about Keeler and Rice-Davies’ friendship from the latter’s book.

She said: “They didn’t like each other to begin with because they were both at Murray’s.

“Then I think I think Christine stole Mandy’s feathers so she wasn’t able to go on stage so Mandy stormed into Christine’s dressing room with a handful of talcum powder, threw it at the fan and it went all over Christine’s freshly made-up face.

“She says at that moment they could of either had a proper scrap or laughed and they both giggled and I think that says it all.”

The pair both met society man and osteopath Ward at Murray’s and he introduced her to Peter Rachman (Jonny Coyne), as viewers saw in the show.

After his death, she moved back in with Ward in Wimpole Mews and was with Keeler when her ex-boyfriend Johnny Edgecombe (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) fired shots at the door.

This was one of the sparks which led the Profumo Scandal to come to public attention after the press focused on Keeler and her past.

Rice-Davies also appeared as a witness in the trial for Ward in 1963 where he was charged with living off ‘Immoral Earnings.’

Famously, it was here when she alluded to an affair with the then Lord Astor (Michael Maloney) which he denied.

After it was pointed out had denied this, she responded in court: “Well he would, wouldn’t he?”

Following the widespread publicity of the Profumo Affair, Rice-Davies released a cover album in 1964 called Introducing Mandy.

She later married Israeli businessman Rafi Shauli in 1966 and moved to Israel where she opened a number of nightclubs in Tel Aviv.

After their divorce in 1971, Rice-Davies went on to marry Charles LeFevre in 1978 and Ken Foreman in 1988.

In 1980, she wrote an autobiography called Mandy, before going on to star in a Tom Stoppard play and write a novel called The Scarlet Thread in 1989.

She also appeared in series like Absolutely Fabulous and Chance in a Million.

Rice-Davies died of cancer aged 70 in December 2014.


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Reflecting on why she wanted to portray about Rice-Davies’ character in the new show, Bamber spoke of the importance of portraying it from the women’s point-of-view.

She said this even led her to sit down and speak with her grandparents about it after finding out her grandmother lived in East London at the same time as Rice-Davies

She said: “I suppose I sat down and had a quite frank conversation with them about actually these two women weren’t prostitutes and they were women who just rightly enjoyed their sexuality and also were clever individuals who were educating themselves.

“Mandy went on to be a millionaire and turned it in her favour.”

The Trial of Christine Keeler continues tonight (January 12) on BBC One at 9pm.

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