The Masked Singer fans ‘work out’ Rubbish’s identity as Radio 2 star

The Masked Singer: Cat and Mouse’s identity is revealed

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Season four of The Masked Singer landed on ITV earlier this month with a new line-up of celebrities disguised behind bizarre costumes. Viewers have been scratching their heads for weeks over the identity of Rubbish, but some believe radio presenter Scott Mills is the famous face behind the mask.

Rubbish is a green refuse bin with bottles and cans emerging from the lid. 

The character made their first appearance on The Masked Singer on January 7 when Parklife by Blur played in the background. 

Rubbish teased: “I’m the one you’ve bin waiting for, and I’m here to work.

“Clean up, that’s what I do best. I’m here to pick up litter, or as some call it, garbage.” 

The character hinted they were once in a band but had later gone solo before performing Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams. 

Judge Jonathan Ross thought Rubbish could be EastEnders star Dean Gaffney as he did not think a professional singer was underneath the mask. 

Rita Ora guessed Rubbish was English rapper Goldie, whose real name is Clifford Joseph Price.

In recent days, Splinterandsawdust took to Reddit with a new theory about Rubbish’s identity.

They penned: “Scott Mills! But I only think that because the show is prerecorded, and Scott had a few months off between leaving Radio 1 and starting Radio 2 full-time.”

However, Andy replied: “Nope. Rubbish is a snooker player. The videotape confirms it.

“One white ball (the cue ball); 15 red balls; one yellow; one green; one brown; one blue; one pink; one black.

“With some of the other clues, it’s likely Steve Davis (the not looking happy, being the key clue), rather than Ronnie O’Sullivan.” 

Other fans have guessed Rubbish is a Good Morning Britain host, with John Diamond tweeting: “@Benshephard is that you as rubbish in #TheMaskedSinger sounds like your voice?”

However, @Moggs said: “So #TheMaskedSinger rubbish could be prof. Brian Cox?”

During last Saturday’s programme, Cat and Mouse were unmasked as Martin and Shirlie Kemp. 

Former EastEnders star Martin told viewers: “I was more nervous. I could literally hear my heart in my ears.”

Shirlie added: “It is just so off the wall. It’s so much harder to sing in the mask than you imagine it will be.”

Prior to the unveiling, judge Davina McCall said: “Cat and Mouse are the first duo on the show, how much harder is it when you’ve got two voices? 

“It’s funny because you’d think, ‘Oh. Well, there are two of them. If they’re a duo, then it’s easier to guess.’

“But I’ve been looking at them thinking, ‘You’re not a couple,’ but then they might be acting like they are a couple.” 

The Masked Singer airs Saturdays at 7pm on ITV.

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