The Flash Vet Rick Cosnett Teases Return — Perhaps as Season 8 Villain?

The Flash‘s Barry Allen is due to get some sort of blast from his and wife Iris’ past, if we read former cast member Rick Cosnett‘s not-so-cryptic Instagram right.

Cosnett late Wednesday night shared on Instagram a photo of his currently hirsute self (below) with the caption “Special announcement coming tomorrow.” Though the photo location was tagged as Unknown, TVLine recruited our own forensics whiz to deduce with 92 percent certainty that Cosnett is in Vancouver, where The Flash is about to wrap production on the final installment of the five-episode “Armageddon” team-up event that will open Season 8.

An original cast member, Cosnett played CCPD Detective Eddie Thawne throughout all of Season 1, until Iris’ onetime fiancé ended his life in the Arrowverse series’ freshman finale (so as to prevent descendant Eobard’s existence). Since then, Cosnett has reprised the role twice — in Season 2’s “Flash Back” (in which Barry travels back in time to consult with Dr. Wells) and Season 3’s “Into the Speed Force” (in which Eddie served as one avatar for the titular Speed Force).

But with Eddie decidedly dead, might Cosnett return in a new, villainous role?  Fan speculation/dream-casting over the years has leaned toward Cosnett (if not Eddie) returning as Cobalt Blue, who in DC lore (and under the name Malcolm Thawne) was a long-lost twin brother of Barry’s.

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace previously told TVLine that, beyond the five-episode “Armageddon” event (which revolves around an alien race led by Tony Curran’s Despero), there will be “new villain that will force Team Flash to face their mortality in a highly personal and ultimately terrifying way.”

In a subsequent preview Q&A, Wallace said to “get ready for the return of a little horror movie-type feel, especially in the middle of the season.” He added that whereas The Flash previously evoked such a vibe during Season 6’s Bloodwork arc, this next go-round would feature “a different villain… and be extremely personal for two of our characters.”

Who do you think Cosnett is playing? (And do you hope he keeps that scraggly look?) TVLine has reached out to The CW and WBTV for details. Stay tuned!

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