The Chase in chaos as Bradley Walsh wants to fight black belt contestant

The Chase star Jenny Ryan jokingly told a contestant that she heard host Bradley Walsh that he could “take you on in a fight” after contestant said that she was a black belt in Taekwondo.

Bradley, 62, asked contestant Summer what she did to to “relax and switch off”, and she replied that she was a third-degree black belt in the sport.

“I’ve been training for a few years now. I was really lucky last year to have been selected for the Welsh national team, and hopefully next year I’ll be able to make my debut on the international stage,” she told Brad.

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“Wow!” he exclaimed, “how cool is that? How long you been doing Taekwondo for?” he asked.

She replied that she had been doing it for about “six or seven years now. My kids were doing it since they were really little, and I just got sick of driving them to and from class to be honest.

“I thought, I’m in.”

After Jenny Ryan, whose nickname on the show is The Vixen, came out, she told her that she had a “lot of respect” for Summer and her black belt skills.

She pantomimed putting her hand to the side of her mouth and whispered: “Backstage I heard Brad say that he thought he could take you in a fight.”

This caused the contestant and the audience to laugh.

Brad, with his arms crossed, looked unimpressed.

“We need to find out!” Summer said as she struggled to contain her laughter.

“No!” Brad exclaimed, “I did not say that! That’s not what I said.”

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This even got a laugh from the Vixen.

The quick-witted host was recently left just as stumped as a contestant about a question which came up on the show.

The question read: “Which term describes a small town or suburb that provides a residential area for those who work in a nearby city?”

The contestant chose the answer “sleeper town” over the other two answers “dormitory town” and “boarding town”.

The host agreed that the answer “sounded right”, but when he called out for the correct answer, it was actually “dormitory town”.

Another contestant said that she knew the correct answer.

When Brad asked her to clarify, she replied, “Yes, you see, in Italian they say “citta dormitorio,” which is exactly that.”


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