The Bay’s Marsha Thomason addresses potential for season 5

Marsha Thomason explaining the 'fiasco' they had when shooting the bay

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So far in season four of The Bay, ITV viewers have watched DS Jenn Townsend (played by Marsha Thomason) examine the cause of a family home burning down, which resulted in the death of the mother. Along with the investigation, there have been talks of cutbacks in the police department which has left fans fearing bosses are setting the show up to end for good.

Tensions ran high in the first episode of the ITV crime-drama as the Metcalf family’s house burnt down in a tragic fire.

As Dean (Joe Armstrong) was on the phone with his wife Beth (Victoria Elliot), viewers heard a loud crash as she looked out the window to see a figure going away from the property.

Realising there was a fire downstairs, Beth managed to get her children out before going back to find the family dog, however, during that time the blaze grew and she was trapped in the property.

After Beth died in the blaze, Jenn and her team started to investigate the incident to try to get to the bottom of the cause of the fire and who had started it.

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Along with the investigation, it looks as though Jenn has another problem on her hands as there had been talks about cutbacks in the police department.

With talk of the department potentially closing for good, fans have started to fear ITV bosses are looking to cut the crime drama completely which has been a hit since it started back in 2019.

However, actress Marsha Thomason has assured viewers that’s not the case.

Touching on the cutbacks in the show and speculation this could be a hint to it ending, she said: “No I don’t think it’s about that.

“Listen, do you think they’re trying to end the show? No. 

“They want these shows to go on as long as possible. That’s just more about the state of policing, all the cutbacks all the time.

“That’s what that’s about,” she added to Digital Spy.

Jenn first made her debut at the beginning of series three when she replaced DS Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie).

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Marsha has previously touched on the difference viewers will see in Jenn from her first appearance to now in season four.

She explained that although the DS has now found her feet within the police team and is more comfortable, there are signs of trouble ahead in her home life.

“When we met Jenn at the beginning of series three she was having a crisis of confidence, she’d been through something at work that had just knocked her and she didn’t trust herself anymore,” she shared.

“And it’s clear that that trust is back [this time], she’s back to being herself.

“She’s found herself again. Also, she isn’t new anymore, and she really is part of the team. 

“Even Clarkie (Andrew Dowbiggin) is her mate now, and they were kind of adversaries last series.”

A synopsis for the upcoming episode reveals Jenn and her team find key evidence that all was not well in the Metcalf home.

The Bay airs Wednesday on ITV at 9pm.

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