'The Bachelorette': These Facebook Comments Prove Tyler C. Is The Unproblematic King We Thought He Was

Tyler Cameron is among the final three contestants in the running for Bachelorette Hannah Brown’s heart. Cameron became a fan-favorite after his first one-on-one date with Brown where he proved to be thoughtful, sensitive, and progressively minded. 

But he really won America over when he told Brown his reasons for coming on The Bachelorette.

“I think I’m really at a point where I’m really accepting of who I am and ready to give myself to somebody else,” he told her. 

Cameron went on to tell Brown about how he almost decided against going on the show because his father fell ill.  

“I really didn’t even want to come, but then like my pops kind of started recovering, had a successful surgery, every day I’m with him, doing everything I can to make him better. Me and my dad would sit around and watch The Bachelorette and he kind of like became a huge fan of you, and he was like ‘Tyler, this is your girl. You’ve got to go make the most of this opportunity.’ And so I went for it and was still feeling like ‘I don’t know if this is for me,’ and then I get to the limo and I see you–I got this feeling that I’ve never had before. I just feel it for someone I’ve never felt for someone before, and that confirmed a lot for me right then and there. I was like ‘I’m not here for The Bachelorette, I’m here for Hannah,’” he told her, adding: “I really am falling hard. I think the world could be ours.”  

Tyler C.’s hometown fan club

Friends and family obviously mean a lot to Cameron. So much is evident in the comments section of Cameron’s initial Bachelorette photo featured on the franchise Facebook page. Several people who claim to have known the fan-favorite through the years commented to show their support.   

“Good luck he’s.the best man on the show a really good person very talented and was brought up with very caring and loving parents his mother has devoted her whole entire life for him and her two other sons give him the chance and everybody will love him it’s not all about looks it’s personality and he will rock it.”

“Love this kid! Great family and upbringing. He’s kind and always the first to offer to help. I wish him the best!!!”

“We love you from back home TC! show then the incredible, intelligent, kind-hearted man you are!!!!!!”

“Yay! Good luck Tyler. Big love from Knoxville. Wait til they find out you’re an amazing guy who also has the best mom ever!!!”

“He’s a great guy!! Know him personally!! Great personality, very caring, respectful and all about his family!!”

“Get It Tyler!!!! I was just telling your mom how I remember when you were young and she took the girls out on her boat and you were our Captian!!! Handsome and a gentleman then so I know you have grown into an Extra handsome and kind man. She (the Bachlorette) would be the lucky one when she chooses you!!!”

“a dozen roses from his fourth grade teacher! What a great kid!!”

“Known this young man since middle school. He was then and still is a kind and compassionate man! Hannah B is lucky to have you on her season! We will be cheering for you from Jupiter.”

“Congrats Tyler. He is a really all around good guy.”

If these comments are any indication, Brown has one solid man in the running to be her husband. 

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