'The Bachelor': Relationship Expert Rori Sassoon Believes This Woman Will 'Go the Distance' With Matt James

Bachelor Nation is buzzing once again, trying to decipher who Matt James will choose at the end of his season. Showbiz Cheat Sheet spoke with Rori Sassoon over the phone about who James could end up with. An expert matchmaker and frequent Real Housewives of New York dating expert, Sassoon revealed who she thinks is the front runner in James’ season of The Bachelor

Abigail Heringer is a favorite amongst ‘Bachelor Nation’ 

Since host Chris Harrison announced the cast in December 2020, he has spoken highly of Heringer. 

“Abigail is one of our favorites,” he said in a YouTube video introducing the women of James’ season, continuing:

This is an absolute gem of a woman, impossible not to fall in love with. Abigail has an incredible story; she’s the first hearing-impaired person we’ve ever had on the show. [She] is just beautiful and sincere, the true definition of someone here for the right reasons.

Heringer’s disability was one of the first things she spoke about with James — something Sassoon picked up on right away. 

Rori Sassoon thinks Abigail Heringer and Matt James could work

Matchmaking is Sassoon’s gift.

“I’ve always been able to pick Miss Universe and Miss USA,” Sassoon admitted during our call. “It’s the same thing with The Bachelor. I don’t know if it’s some innate [ability] because of my job what I do.” 

Sassoon’s matchmaking service uses personality profiles and body language to create couples that make sense. For Sassoon, Heringer was a stand-out match for James from the start. 

“[Heringer] will definitely go the distance from what [I’ve seen thus far,]” Sassoon told Showbiz. “Obviously, a million things can change, but I think Abigail [will go far this season].”

Abigail Heringer approaching Matt James was a bold move that helped her stand out

During The Bachelor‘s premiere, Heringer introduced herself with what Sassoon called a “quiet confidence.” 

“I love the way she approached him,” Sassoon said. “She told him [about her disability] in the beginning.” 

Initially, Sassoon wasn’t sure this was the best move. But then she thought, “You know what? Maybe it makes her feel more comfortable — the fact that he knows the truth from the get-go.”

Sassoon says Heringer’s willingness to be open about her disability demonstrated confidence that went above and beyond some of the grand gestures made by the other women. As Sassoon said, “there’s a big difference [between] confidence and arrogance.” 

Matt James’ giving Abigail Heringer the first impression rose says it all 

After several of the women greeted James in the most elaborate way possible — one woman wore lingerie, another woman was escorted in on a throne — James awarded the first impression rose to Heringer. 

“I really had a lot of respect for him,” Sassoon said of James’ ability to ignore the noise around him and make a meaningful connection with Heringer. “He shared a kiss with her — it was very romantic.” 

Despite James’ immediate connection with Heringer and Sassoon’s professional opinion, it is still too early to tell if she will get the final rose. 

“It’s only the first episode, [but James] seems genuine,” Sassoon added. “You could see that Abigail touched his heart, and then when they kissed there was definite chemistry.” 

But as Bachelor Nation knows, anything can happen with so much of the season left. Tune in to The Bachelor Mondays at 8 PM EST to see if James and Heringer end up together. 

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