‘Teen Mom 2': Kailyn Lowry Shuts Down Negative Comments About Her Wanting A Daughter

Kailyn Lowry is no stranger to public criticism. When her journey began on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, audiences watched her navigate her life as a new teenage mother. But today, social media is bigger and meaner than when Lowry first became a reality TV star. Through the years, we’ve watched her become a mother to her three boys: Issac, Lincoln, and Lux. 

Recently, Lowry, her friend and co-star Leah Messer, and their children took a trip to Hawaii. There, the group went to the beach, played in the sand, and took lots of pictures. Lowry loved spending time with Messer’s daughters, particularly Addie. 

“Addie has 100000% solidified the fact that I want a daughter,” she tweeted. 

The tweet was met with an onslaught of criticism. 

Kailyn Lowry was met with criticism for saying she wants a daughter 

“Adopt! You don’t need anymore baby daddies,” responded one Twitter user. 

“Please don’t. We don’t need another female like you,” wrote another. 

“oh lawd here comes a new baby daddy, I think Kail thinks if she keeps spitting out babies that MTV will give her, her own show.. lol..not the right path!!” commented another.

One tweet (that’s since been deleted) especially fired Lowry up. 

“I’m not pregnant again but got d*mn if I want to get pregnant again I f*ckin will. Have a great holiday bby!” she tweeted in response. 

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Aloha 🌈🌺🍍

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Of course, amidst all of the negativity, Lowry fans took to the comments to show their support.  

“Omg yes i was saying the same like who cares if she has a baby daddy #4 who CARES she got the money to provide for her kids with or without a baby daddy . N i bet it will be ivf just so she gets a girl,” responded one fan. 

“Omg YES u definitely need to have a little girl, if u had a daughter she’d be so cute and beautiful and she’d have the best personality just like u, and ur an Amazing mom so I’m all for it!! And yes Addie is the Best!!! All Love Here,” wrote another. 

Kailyn Lowry has spoken before about wanting a baby girl 

Not too long ago, on her YouTube channel, when Lowry was answering fan questions, she responded to an assumption sent in that stated: “That you really REALLY want a baby girl soon.”

“I actually just said this! I really do,” she responded. “I don’t know what it is! Everyone says you should be happy with what you got..I am obviously. If I couldn’t have kids, I’m happy with my three boys but I do, I really wish I could have a girl at some point in life.”

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Trying to get a family photo be like:

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This isn’t the first time Lowry’s spoken about wanting a girl, either. When she was a guest on Studology 101, she said:

“Yeah I definitely want more kids, I would love to have girls. How it will happen, I don’t know, but we will figure it out I guess.”

She continued: “I think I would do gender selection. I got three boys, that’s enough! It’s time for me to have a girl. I always wanted boys but now that I have three and I didn’t find out what I was having for any of them, I’ve had enough surprises. We got three boys, now I want a girl.”

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