Stranger Things 3 could see Hopper get possessed and the gang break up before a time hop to the 90s for series 4, according to fan theories

NEW Stranger Things season three fan theorist's claim that Hopper will get possessed and the gang will break up before a time hop to the nineties for season four.

The new series kicked off in the UK earlier today and eagle eyed viewers are already making their predictions about what's in store for the Hawkins gang.

The first theory, which a Reddit user posted last week, explores the potential victims who could have been possessed by the Mind Flayer.

And with the final trailer previously teasing the monster's return, despite Eleven sealing off the gate to the Upside Down in season two, fans are predicting that either Hopper or Billy could be its new host.

After hearing the voice from the trailer, one fan stated: "Dude like you can hear it's Hopper."

While another said: "I think I'm edging towards the Hopper theory like that'd be awsome. Super sad but a game of thrones level twist."

Hopper – played by Hellboy actor David Harbour – is currently resuming the role of Eleven's adoptive father after he took her in at the end of season two.

But while the prospect of Eleven – played by Milly Bobby Brown – becoming an orphan again sends shivers down Stranger Things fan's spines, the idea that the gang could soon be estranged is even more shocking.

And another Reddit user has composed a lengthy theory that predicts how this might happen.

They began: "I know it’s too early. But I have some thoughts about what will happen in season three that would definitely effect season four."

And explaining how Eleven, Hopper, Joyce and Jonathan could come to leave Hawkins, they said: "Mayor Kline fires Hopper. He’s out of a job and leaves Hawkins, and takes Jane with him.

"Joyce loses her job at Melvalds and leaves Hawkins taking Will and Jonathan with her."

They also explain how Billy's demise will eventually drive newbies Max and Susan to leave, saying: "Whatever happens to Billy is too much for his father to bear and he returns to California taking Susan and Max with him. This is also to keep his step-daughter from dating one of those kind of people."

And with many of the gang gone by this point, the fan suggests that Mike, Dustin and Lucas will spiral as they're left behind.

They explain: "Karen divorces Ted (but does NOT have an affair with Billy. Mike is left alone in Hawkins with his entire life torn to shreds.

"Steve is actually admitted to Ball State and leaves Dustin bereft of his friend and surrogate big brother.

"Dustin is majorly pissed at Mike for abandoning his friends to spend all his time with a girl and he turns to solitary academic pursuits.

"Lucas is alone and pines for Max. He turns to sports alienating him from Dustin and Mike.

They summarise their theory by referring back to the tagline from the trailer, saying: "As the trailer and poster says “One summer can change everything”.

"I think season four will find everyone in very different places in season four. Then in season five they all come back to Hawkins to finally and completely vanquish the Mind Flayer."

However, a third fan theorist has suggested that the fourth season could jump forward in time from 1985 to the 90s.

They discussed: "The main group of characters, (Dustin,Lucas, Will, Mike, and all the other kids) won't stay as kids forever. Even in the series 3 trailer, there's a line, that goes something like; "Do you really think we were going to stay in my basement and play games for the rest of our lives?", which hints that the kids are maturing."

They explain: "If the writers choose to continue to develop this theme of growing up, then we could see the kids becoming adults, and fully having to deal with adult life, or something like that.

"Now, you might be thinking, why wouldn't the writers show/ write them in their late teens, which does make sense, except we've already seen characters maturing through their late teens, with Nancy and Steve, and Jonathan, and I don't think they will repeat it.

They also added: "Allowing the kids to grow up creates now creative opportunities for the writers to explore, eg new villains, new characters etc, now that it is set in a different time period, for example, now that it's the 90s, maybe whatever bad guys that are out there, won't be as concerned about trying to use psychological manipulation to win the cold war, as Hawkins lab was in season 1."

This wouldn't be the first time that the show has experienced a time jump either, as each of the current series' have jumped forward a whole year.

However, fans will have to wait until the fourth season comes out next year to find out.

Stranger Things is currently streaming on Netflix in the UK.

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