Steve Redgrave issues plea after diabetes diagnosis

Sir Steve Redgrave urges men to talk openly about health

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Former Olympic rower Steve Redgrave appeared on Good Morning Britain to raise awareness of a possible link between testosterone deficiency and increased risk of diabetes. As he reflected on his own experience, he pleaded for other men to do the same on the ITV programme and urged them to “get talking”.

The sportsman was diagnosed with diabetes, which is in his family, and shared his knowledge of the condition being linked with low testosterone levels.

As the interview wrapped up and host Susanna Reid read out some messages from the public who had responded, Steve begged men to get more involved.

“It’s great to see you this morning, thanks very much indeed – it’s really opened up a very useful conversation,” Susanna stated.

ITV’s Dr Hilary Jones had also joined the conversation and added: “I was a rower too, this is one of my heroes I’m sitting with.”

“It’s important that we get men talking about health, most of those messages there were from women,” Steve pointed out.

He urged male viewers to start talking, adding: “Let’s get the men talking about it!”

“I agree, I agree,” Susanna replied. “For some reason, men find it harder.”

During the interview, Steve detailed his diagnosis and the “shock” he felt as well as his struggle with low energy.

“My grandfather had diabetes in his late 60s, early 70s and didn’t survive much longer than that,” he recalled.

“I was very young when he passed away. So there was a trait and with diabetes, you can follow it in family lines.

“Maybe not generation after generation, it tends to skip a year.

“But that was still a surprise to me, especially coming to the end of my rowing career – bit of a shock.”

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“Yes and then after that diagnosis you went on to continue to achieve at the top level, didn’t you? You won another gold medal after,” Susanna added.

“Yeah, three years before the Sydney Olympics so I won that last Gold medal with diabetes,” Steve replied.

“And you obviously got it under control and managed it,” Susanna noted.

“It’s interesting you say over the last few years you noticed gaining weight, becoming tired, becoming depressed, losing your get up and go and you put it down to your age.

“Dare I say that is a description a lot of women your age might use to describe the menopausal symptoms.”

The Olympian responded: “Yeah, I think there are some links, there certainly seems to be.

“Especially with testosterone being low, especially being a diabetic.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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