Stacey Solomon shows off her extremely organised freezer with labels on every compartment

STACEY Solomon loves to show off her spotless home – and this time she's given a glimpse inside her neatly categorised freezer.

The Loose Women presenter, 28, regularly keeps her 3.8million followers on Instagram up to date with whatever latest cleaning project she's up to.

And yesterday the star decided to take on the mammoth task of clearing out her freezer.

She told fans: "I know I've been saying I was going to do it for ages but I finally did it.

"The boys are being picked up by their dads today and the pickle fell asleep again after his walk so I finally got the chance to re organise this monstrosity."

Stacey then went on to explain how she totally transformed the space.

Stacey explained: "Everthing is a mess in every draw and empty packets everywhere.

"So I just took it all out one drawer at a time and sorted through without hoabing the food out too long."

The I'm A Celebrity winner then showed off the finished outcome – a beautifully organised freezer with labels on each compartment for Rex's lunches, fish, ice cream, odd bits, vegetables and fruit.

Clearly very proud of her work, she told fans: "Omg I've been thinking about this for so long. It was making my brain hurt. I'm so glad it's done though even if it only lasts a week.

"And YES the blue bits on the handles are stickers from when webought the freezer must be nearly a year ago now.

"You are suppose to take them off but I just can't bring myself to do it. It's like when you get a new phone and don't want to peel the screen sticker off. Why am I like this?

"Labels I bought from my sister @label.lady.r."

Fans absolutely live for Stacey's Instagram content – which vary from her amazing DIY hacks for around the home, tap to tidy videos or preparing creative snacks for the kids.

Now Stacey's perfect freezer matches her extremely organised fridge and immaculate kitchen cupboards.

And earlier this year The Sun revealed that Stacey's sister is the person behind her cleaning obsession.

Older sister Jenna, also known as The Label Lady, turned her home organisation passion into a business after being inundated with requests for her stickers from friends and family.

Stacey's cleaning obsession hasn't stopped there.

Yesterday she shared a genius way to keep her shoes tidy using curtain hooks.

Earlier this week the star shared another amazing cupboard organisation hack to keep all your TV and game console wires inside.

Meanwhile Stacey and boyfriend Joe Swash hinted that they're getting their own reality show.

The former EastEnders star admitted they would "definitely" like to do one, but haven't found the right "format" yet.

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