Stacey Solomon reveals 'dirty' tricks Joe Swash uses to tempt her into steamy sex sessions

STACEY Solomon has revealed the "dirty" tricks Joe Swash uses to tempt her into steamy sex sessions.

The 31-year-old opened up about life between the sheets with her other half on today's Loose Women.

And she revealed that Joe will use the housework to get her into bed.

She told the panel: "A lot of emotion goes into sex for me, if I am completely honest, it starts from the minute he picks up his shoes after himself in the morning to like unloading the dishwasher.

"So much has to happen for me to be like ‘oh my god let’s do it’."

Stacey added: "If we had that kind of day and got into bed and went to be intimate and he said 'not today' I would be devastated.

"I'd be embarrassed and it would make it harder to me initiate that kind thing of next time."

Earlier today Joe made a crude joke about his girlfriend's pubic hair as she unveiled a glam new look.

The actor and presenter couldn't resist making a mischievous quip about Stacey's nether region as she sat wearing a mask while having her hair coloured.

Speaking to camera, Stacey said: "Did anyone lose loads of hair when they were pregnant?

"I lost loads from the top right here."

Sitting out of shot, Joe chirped: "You gained loads down below though, didn't ya?"

His other half hit back: "I didn't gain any down below thanks. It's always bloomed."


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