Spoilers: Whitney in danger as she confronts Leo in deadly EastEnders showdown

Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) is terrified to step outside her front door in EastEnders as a result of the horror that Leo King (Tom Wells) has put her through — and little does she know that her stalker has been hiding in her attic, watching her every move — but during last night’s episode Leo turned her home upside down in an effort to locate her letter from Tony (Chris Coghill), and — tonight — they come face-to-face for an epic showdown that leaves one person with blood on their hands.

After months of living in fear in regards to what Leo might do next, Whitney has been unable to leave the house. She believes it to be the safest place to be — but little does she know that her stalker is keeping watch in the attic — lying in wait, as he ponders his next move.

Leo overheard Whitney discussing a letter she’d kept from Tony prior to his death, and therefore the young man turned her house upside down in an effort to locate the item.

He eventually found it, but Whitney was left terrified once more when she returned home to find the place in such a state.

During tonight’s episode, she comes to realise that Tony’s letter is missing, and thus she alerts the police — but as she does so, Leo lurks in Dot’s room.

Ruby (Louisa Lytton) arrives, and — with help from Kat (Jessie Wallace) — she attempts to calm Whitney down, before suggesting that they could all go on the boat party.

Whitney heads off to prepare for the event, but Leo appears in her room, and as she sets her sights on him, she’s horrified. The paralegal is unable to contain the hatred he feels towards Whitney, and thus he becomes hellbent on getting revenge on Tony’s behalf — leaving Whitney in real danger.

Things seemingly escalate, and one person is left with blood on their hands.

The question is: who?

EastEnders continues Friday 14 February at 8pm on BBC One.

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