Spoilers: Sally and Abi fight over Kevin in Corrie

Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) is fiercely protective of her ex Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) in Coronation Street. Despite them spending much of their marriage breaking each others’ hearts and cheating on one another, Sally and Kev get on pretty well these days – so Sally is wary of him getting hurt as he gets closer to Abi Franklin (Sally Carman).

Following the death of an aunt, Kevin is flush, having inherited a whopping amount of money – and he immediately went on a date with someone who was clearly only interested in his now throbbing bank balance.

Sally thinks Abi might be cut from the same cloth. Having befriended Abi after she stood up for her in prison, Sally helped her get back on her feet and has encouraged her to pursue her education. But when she sees Abi bunking off of her revision to spend time getting drunk with best pal Kevin, Sally is fuming.

Later on, Sally picks up on vibes between Kevin and Abi and on the day of her exam, Abi reckons that she has aced it, despite being hungover. Later, Sally points out that Abi has only shown an interest in Kevin since he got his money and they row, leaving an affronted Abi to chuck a bowl of spaghetti bolognese over Sally.

Ooft, those tough stains will not go down well with Sal!

In the wake of this, Abi declares that she is moving in with Kevin and Kevin is secretly pleased to have her company. However, after Sally apologises and admits she just didn’t want to see Kevin hurt, Abi forgives her and moves in, promising her that she doesn’t have any designs on Kevin – he’s just a good mate.

However, does he share this sentiment? Given his reaction when he is told that she is staying at Sally’s after all, we’re not so sure…

One to watch: Wednesday 6th November at 8:30pm on ITV.

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