Spoilers: Corrie fire horror for Fiz and sinister nanny Jade

Coronation Street has offered the first look at the dramatic next steps in the storyline unfolding in the home of oblivious Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine), who is being targeted by dangerous nanny Jade (Lottie Henshall).

Viewers have spotted that something is amiss with Jade as she has been secretly scheming and infiltrating the lives of Fiz and Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall), all the while acting as if she is merely here to assist with the care and education of troubled Hope.

While Jade’s motives and intentions are not clear, it’s evident that she has a secret and that she isn’t ready to say goodbye even when Hope prepares to head back to school. So when Hope is then accused of starting a fire in the back yard during a fireworks party, it seems a little bit too convenient – and suspicions are bound to fall on the butter-wouldn’t-melt nanny.

Could Jade be to blame?

Along with new pictures showing Hope looking with intense interest at a blaze taking hold, ITV has teased the storyline with captions reading: ‘Hope begs for a firework party, Fiz isn’t too sure but Tyrone thinks it might be a good idea.

‘With the party underway, Fiz, Tyrone and Kevin suddenly realise the back yard is on fire! Did Hope have something to do with the flames? Later, when Fiz discovers a cigarette lighter in Hope’s doll, she sees red and smashes up her tablet!

‘Jade quietly expresses her concerns regarding Fiz’s parenting skills to Evelyn. What will she make of it?’

It remains to be seen whether Evelyn will see through Jade’s attempts to cast doubts on Fiz but the trouble looks like it’s only beginning – and worried fans are now speculating that Jade could be capable of killing Fiz and taking over her family!

And pictures were recently released showing Fiz attending court in scenes to be aired next year. What has Jade done?

Full spoiler details for next week will be available on Metro Soaps homepage from 00:01am on Tuesday 19 November. 

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