'Southern Charm': Naomie Olindo Dishes On Calling J.D. Madison a "Piece of S***"

Southern Charm never fails to deliver on the drama. When it’s not Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis’ ongoing custody battle in the spotlight, there’s countless other small feuds and dramas to catch up on. While the focus of Season 6 right now might be on Ashley Jacobs’ return to the show, let’s take a moment to reflect on one of Naomie Olindo’s more outstanding moments — the one where she called J.D. Madison a “piece of s***.” 

J.D. Madison has been accused of sexual assault 

Before we dig into Naomie Olindo’s roast of Southern Charm star, it’s important to touch on the accusation of sexual assault levied against him. A woman named Susan Johnson filed a report against J.D. Madison in 2017. She claimed that he had sexually assaulted her after a night out with some friends. 

According to Johnson, she gathered with friends as well as the Southern Charm star at her apartment. She claims that at one point, J.D. Madison intentionally knocked over a drink, breaking the class. She goes on to say that while she cleaned up the mess, Madison slipped a drug into her drink, prepared on a nearby counter.

Johnson says that after the group left the house for a bar, she started to feel unwell, slipping in and out of consciousness. According to the police report, “This is when she stated that she felt like she might have been drugged.”

Johnson goes on to claim that she woke up to Madison “forcibly raping and sodomizing her” in the guest bedroom of her home, and that he didn’t stop until he received a phone call from his wife. 

What did Naomie Olindo say?

J.D. Madison’s marriage has been the focus of some degree of gossip for years, with rumors swirling that Elizabeth Madison is depressed and miserable while J.D. Madison parties with other women. Southern Charm star Naomie Olindo, who says she’s friends with Elizabeth Madison, apparently had enough of J.D. hurting her friend’s feelings. 

At a dinner party for Shep Rose’s birthday, she let loose. According to Olindo, women have it tough in Charleston, and she’s sick of it.  “Charleston is definitely a town where good ol’ boys band together and have most of the power,” Naomie explained.

When J.D. Madison arrived at the party, Naomie said, “People hate J.D. They think he’s like, a lying sack of s***.”

Soon, Naomie got into it, and told J.D. Madison that she knows he’s a bad husband. When he asked how, she said, “Because I literally go to your house almost every day and pick your wife up out of bed, because of you.”

Olindo went on to add, “You pretend to do this golden boy s*** and it doesn’t work anymore. Everybody at this table knows that you’re a complete piece of s***!

Elizabeth Madison weighs in

Elizabeth Madison seemed to be unhappy with Naomie Olindo’s outburst on the Southern Charm episode. She tweeted, “There is nothing worse than having what you thought was a friend make false allegations & take my PRIVACY & my OWN voice away! She is making allegations about JD & my family that are not true! This has hurt me more than I can express. This BS didn’t come from me!”

She went on to add, “Sure I’m on a reality show & I expect to share parts of my life with the world! In the last 4 seasons, I chose what I would share. This season is obviously different. To be clear, it is MY life & I have my OWN voice. I choose WHEN & WHERE to voice it.”

Noamie Olindo wasn’t having it, though. She shot back with, “Of course everything I said tonight was approved before AND discussed after with Liz. Sad to see her covering for him again. I wish you the best [Elizabeth].” 

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