‘Sister Wives’ Season 16: Kody Wants To Spend Christmas Apart — Janelle Is Leaving

On the premiere of Sister Wives Season 16, the Browns are doing their best to get through the coronavirus pandemic together without spreading it throughout the entire family. But with the wives having differing views on social distancing, tension rise between the sister wives. Kody Brown thinks it’s best to spend the holiday season in separate homes. Janelle Brown is shocked and says if this happens, then she will leave to spend Christmas in North Carolina.

The ‘Sister Wives’ struggle to agree on COVID-19 rules for the family

Robyn has made it clear that she wants everyone to separate since all of her sister wives have different ideas on social distancing. Christine is going out and even traveling. Janelle’s teenage sons have been doing out and have continued their social lives.

On the Nov 21 episode of Sister Wives (via discovery+), the wives meet up and discuss what the COVID-19 protocol is for their family and what the future looks like for them. Kody tells cameras, “For a few months now, we’ve been practicing COVID protocols.” He explained that the family tried to lock down together “so that the family could interact.” However, it didn’t work out that way, and so Kody has been the one moving from one wives’ house to the next.

Due to the wives not locking down together and not being in agreement, Kody says that the family “feels very separated.” Meri Brown says that it’s “very, very rare” that Kody comes over to her home since the pandemic started.

Kody thinks that all of the wives should spend Christmas apart

During the socially distanced meeting, Janelle asks when they should consider bringing the family together again, virus or no virus. She feels that the virus could be around “until next spring,” and since the family is slowly separating and falling apart, there needs to be an ending.

Kody hopes that the virus “will blow over” by Christmas but thinks they will have to spend the holiday in separate homes. He says, “I don’t know how long the virus is gonna last. I’m not gonna have a big Christmas gathering.”

Janelle will leave to North Carolina for the holidays

That’s when Janelle gets honest with Kody and her sister wives. She says, “I’ll probably go to North Carolina for Christmas if we have to do Zoom Christmas.” Janelle says in a confessional, “So basically unless we all observe his uber, uber, uber careful stance, forget holidays.” She continues, “I don’t know. I guess there’s really just nothing to say but ‘wow.’”

Kody is blaming Janelle for their teenage sons not being on board for social distancing and are blaming him for not coming around more often. She says, “He’s trying to push on me and push on me and push on me. There’s no optimism. It’s like doomsday.”

It appears that Christine’s marriage isn’t the only thing that has folded due to the pressures of COVID-19. It seems that all of the wives are having issues in their marriage due to the new protocol adding more strain on their already fragile relationships. Fans will have to keep watching more of Sister Wives Season 16 to find out if they can have a big Christmas celebration together.

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