Sharon Osborne blasts ‘desperate’ Hancock in furious I’m A Celeb rant

Sharon Osbourne says Matt Hancock is desperate to be a celebrity

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Sharon Osborne joined Piers Morgan on Wednesday evening for another episode of Uncensored where they got onto the topic of Matt Hancock entering the I’m A Celebrity jungle. Matt has caused a lot of controversy with his decision to join the ITV reality series, with Sharon branding the move “desperate” and “ridiculous”.

After discussing that Donald Trump has hinted that he would run for President once again in 2024, talk soon turned to the British government.

Piers slammed: “Now on UK politics and Matt Hancock, our dearly beloved health secretary, who is now munching kangaroo testicles in a reality TV programme in Australia.

“We have a clip of him already down and dirty, let’s have a look,” before they played a clip of Matt during his Bush Tucker Trial from Wednesday’s episode.

Wanting to know what Sharon thought of the move, he asked: “Sharon is he the man who has put the c**k in Hancock?”

Sharon quipped: “Oh definitely, definitely, but a little one.”

Laughing, Piers continued: “I mean it is completely ridiculous, isn’t it? We have a guy who was a senior cabinet minister in a pandemic.

“He caused potentially thousands of lives with his woeful handling of the pandemic, and now he is raking it in.

“Nearly half a million pounds to go and do this in a jungle in Australia rather than service constituents.”

Furious at the decision, Sharon slammed: “Well, I mean the guy obviously is desperate to be a celebrity and he is going for it, isn’t he?

“Nothing surprises me with anyone anymore, especially in politics, but you know he is very thirsty to be a celebrity.”

Piers agreed: “I think he is and I think he has looked at what has happened in America and thinks that celebrity now can take you a long way in politics. In fact, the worst you pay the better.”

Getting in one last jibe, Sharon mocked: “With his little c**k I don’t think so.”

Matt’s reception into the camp was an awkward one, with many of the campmates not knowing what to say or how to react to his arrival.

As he and Seann Walsh entered after taking on their Bush Tucker Trial, Chris Moyles said in the Bush Telegraph: “Oh my god.

“Two new people have arrived. One of them is Seann Walsh and the other one… I’ve got to go back and double-check!” he added before running out.

Sue Cleaver was also lost for words and said in the Telegraph: “I don’t know what to say.”

Babatunde Aleshe and Owen Warner also discussed what they thought of his arrival and how he was going to fit in with the rest of the camp.

Owen asked: “Do you have any strong views on the geezer?”

The Gogglebox star replied: “It’s hard to kind of like push your views aside, it really is, because of the many people whose lives have been affected.

“But, at the same time, we’ve got to be welcoming and we’ve got to treat people as humans obviously.”

Whilst Sue, Boy George and Mike Tindall all agreed that his nerves made him “stick out like a sore thumb”.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here airs daily from 9pm on ITV.

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