Sex abuse horror for Bethany, death trauma for Emma and 8 more Corrie spoilers

There are harrowing times ahead for Coronation Street regulars as Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) gets a horrific blast from the past in the form of one of Nathan’s sex abuse ring criminals while Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) is dealing with the aftermath of her dad’s death when she is then hit with a huge and life changing bombshell.

Meanwhile, sinister and controlling Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) steps up his grip on Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) as he installs cameras to monitor her while Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw) looks set to be in for a shock as a family secret is revealed that could have severe repercussions.

10 Corrie spoilers

  • Bethany comes face to face with one of the men from Nathan’s sex ring.
  • Geoff sets up security cameras around Yasmeen’s house.
  • Steve determines to get DNA from Emma, while she grieves for her dad.
  • Craig is hit by a car as Bethany’s showdown explodes in the bistro.
  • Michael realises that Ed is deep in debt.
  • Emma confronts Fiona after discovering that Steve is her dad.
  • Geoff claims to Yasmeen that he has some health issues.
  • Aggie discovers that it was Ed who lost everything, not Michael.
  • Shona is shocked as Max starts lashing out.
  • Emma prepares to leave the Street – can Tracy stop her?

Monday 19th August Part One

Bethany is left reeling when she sees one of the men who was a part of Nathan’s sex abuse ring dining in the bistro with his family. She confides in Daniel but begs him to say nothing. Geoff sets up security cameras in Yasmeen’s house and when she says she doesn’t want them, he tells her it’s over between them.

When Sinead finds out that Emma’s dad died from cancer, it hits her hard. Meanwhile, Steve surreptitiously gets a hair from Emma so he can do a Dna test. Aggie returns home and finds that Ed has glued himself to the wall and Evelyn is intrigued by Michael’s pregnancy test scam.

Monday 19th August Part Two

Geoff dismantles the cameras and packs his bags to go and he tells Yasmeen that she is not good for his mental health. Later, he tells Tim that Yasmeen is a nightmare and undermines him at every opportunity but he has concealed the fact that he has left one camera hidden and operating.

As the family storm out of the bistro, Craig is hit by a car in the melee and Bethany feels awful. Steve tells Liz he has sent Emma’s hair for DNA testing. Aggie tackles Ed when her card is decline and later Ed admits to Michael that they are in a financial hole.

Wednesday 21st August Part One

Emma meets up with her brother to attend the funeral but she is shocked when she learns that Morgan also knew that her dad wasn’t her biological father. As an upset Emma reels, Steve approaches her and admits to her that he is her real dad before presenting the DNA results.

Aggie and Ed confront Michael over his pregnancy test scam while Michael tells James they need to make £5k to help Ed out. Geoff drops into the conversation with Yasmeen that he has health problems.

Wednesday 21st August Part Two

Ed agrees to letting James lend him £5k but Michael later catches him on a gambling site. Ed breaks down and decides it’s time to tell Aggie the truth. Nick finds Max smashing up pots in Victoria Gardens and when Nick tries to stop him, he takes a swing at him as he blames him for David being in prison.

Geoff lies to Yasmeen that he is having heart palpitations and has had some blood tests taken. Geoff is pleased when Yasmeen seems concerned. Emma confronts Fiona about Steve.

Friday 23rd August Part One

Shona and Billy prepare a birthday party for Lily but Max is playing up and pretending to take his ADHD medication. When Nick arrives, Shona is shocked by Max’s behaviour and she is forced to tell everyone to leave. Tim orders Eileen to pull herself together – and he tells her that Street Cars needs her.

Emma says her goodbyes but Steve tells Tracy that they need to stop her as she is family. Bethany tells Daniel that she plans to write up her horrific ordeal to help other girls. Aggie offers up her services at the cafe.

Friday 23rd August Part Two

Eileen returns to work and announces that she is giving up men for good but Tim is doubtful. Tracy and Emma track Emma down and try to persuade her to come home.

Shona is angry with Max and she is at the end of her tether. Max promises that he is taking his medication. Aggie and Ed sort out their differences and reunite.

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