Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert Take On Trump’s “Cocked And Loaded” Claim

TV’s late-night hosts had plenty of material for tonight’s episodes following President Trump’s decision to call off a strike against Iran.

POTUS said Friday on Twitter the U.S. was “cocked & loaded” to use military force against Iran for downing a U.S. drone earlier in the week. But he told the nation he called off the strike roughly ten minutes before it was set to launch after learning 150 Iranians would have been killed.

Seth Meyers wasn’t buying Trump’s version of events, and suggested the commander in chief created the controversy only to claim credit for solving it.

“It’s been another roller coaster few days with our split-personality president creating a bunch of problems and then turning around and claiming that he solved those problems,” Meyers quipped Monday on Late Night. “One day he’s threatening war with Iran, the next day he’s claiming he stopped a war with Iran.”

Trevor Noah also expressed doubt about Trump’s “cocked & loaded” claim.

“Sweet Lord,” he said with alarm on The Daily Show. “America was ten minutes away from bombing Iran, and who stopped it? Donald Trump. Who ordered the strike? Donald Trump. The point is, we are at peace thanks to and in spite of President Trump.”

Stephen Colbert struck a different tone. Instead of criticizing the president, he offered him praise.

“Trump made the correct moral decision,” Colbert said on The Late Show as he pretended to be on the brink of losing his lunch over the thought of Trump doing something right.

He then joked: “This is the first thing that Trump has ever ordered that he did not finish.”

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