Richard Hammond talks favourite Top Gear moment Magical

The Grand Tour: Richard Hammond on meeting for new series

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Richard 52, opened up on one of his “favourite” TV moments with his two close co-stars and friends, which took place during his Top Gear years. Speaking exclusively to, he explained Jeremy Clarkson and James May would probably say the same – that their Botswana Special in 2007 was a highlight.

When asked about the trips and experiences that stand out the most to him, Richard reflected on the first Top Gear special.

“Probably we would all say the best trip we did was Botswana, which is where I found Oliver actually” he commented.

Oliver is the name Richard gave to his 1963 Opel Kadett A which he used during the show and went on to purchase.

He added: “Because it was one of the first specials we did and it was just wonderful and magical and exciting that we were doing something new.

“But you know, I’m lucky to have travelled a lot and have seen some incredible places and sometimes you’re left thinking the world’s getting smaller because it’s digitally connected, but it’s still big and there’s still little bits of wilderness in magical places.”

Richard also reflected on the second series of Richard Hammond’s Workshop, which sees him living his dream of restoring classic cars.

Addressing his inspirations for the workshop and speaking candidly about the struggles he has faced, the mechanic and TV presenter talked about what might attract viewers to tune into his new project.

“We’re getting there,” he commented. “I’m loving it. It is an adventure – it does have downs as well as ups.

“But that’s okay. It’s a real experience and I’m learning a lot about myself and about the industry.”

Richard’s co-stars have also gone on to work on solo shows, although the trio always reunite for The Grand Tour.

Jeremy Clarkson’s own programme, Clarkson’s Farm, was a firm favourite when it premiered last year, and viewers are excited for the new season of the agricultural series.

Talking about his co-stars, he added: “They’re interested to see me following my dream.

“Jeremy’s following his dream with this farm. James is travelling for his show on Amazon.

“We’re doing the things we like to do. So what it does mean for The Grand Tour is when we’ve been away doing these things, pursuing our own genuine individual passions, we come back together on The Grand Tour as full people who’ve got experiences to share.”

Fans won’t have to worry about going without updates from the popular trio, with the current series of The Grand Tour available to watch now.

In this series, the group’s first post-pandemic road trip is explored as they head to the Scandinavian Arctic Circle.

Richard also went on to reveal how he enjoys being able to explore a different aspect of himself in the restoration series.

“I’m not being a TV presenter, I’m being me,” he detailed.

Richard Hammond’s Workshop is available to stream now on Discovery+.

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