RHONY fans slam Dorinda Medley for making cruel ‘turkey baster’ joke to baby-hungry Tinsley Mortimer – The Sun

RHONY fans are outraged with Dorinda Medley’s “repulsive” joke about using a turkey baster to conceive a baby to her nemesis, Tinsley Mortimer – who froze her eggs in 2018.

The harsh comment came as the 44-year-old socialite dropped the bombshell she was moving out of New York to live with her now-fiancé, Scott Kluth, in Chicago.

While the group was at dinner, Tinsley told her best friend Leah McSweeney, 37, that she was serious about knowing “this is it” with her then-boyfriend.

"Is there physically like a ring or something right now? No.

“Is that definitely happening, are we getting married? I just know it," she assured.

"I will be moving to Chicago, I'm not sure exactly when but I know that we are going to be together and I know we are going to make this work,” the hopeless romantic added.

Later that evening, she broke the news that she was moving to the rest of her cast mates.

Dorinda, 55, Ramona Singer, 63, Luann de Lesseps, 55, and Sonja Morgan, 56, all ignored the Southern Charm author’s announcement.

"I don't want to talk about it. I really want to make it disappear. Just don't bring life to it,” Dorinda fired, as she brushed off the big news.

After the Southern Charm author made a face that mocked her rival’s reaction, the Massachusetts native referenced Tinsley freezing her embryos.

“I’ve got a turkey baster. Maybe try and have a baby,” Dorinda said.

Immediately, she let out a big laugh and appeared to be proud of the comment as she high-fives Luann.

"You look like an evil, mean person," a disgusted Tinsley responds to her frenemy.

Ramona, Sonja and Leah do not say anything about the joke.

In 2018, fans saw Tinsley struggle – but ultimately deciding – to freeze her eggs when she was dating her then-boyfriend, Scott.

Viewers were livid at the comment, with many noting it is offensive to any woman struggling to conceive a child.

“Dorinda I have made excuses for you but holy f**k did you have to go that low and make the turkey baster comment. I JUST HAVE NO WORDS,” one angry critic tweeted.

Another wrote: “I cannot believe NONE of the other #RHONY came to @TinsleyMortimer defense! @DorindaMedley just offended EVERY WOMAN IN AMERICA whose ever had trouble conceiving.

"AND the family of those women. What a horrible person,” the person added.

Someone else mentioned: “Dorinda needs to stop w this behavior, she’s become repulsive to watch anymore. Repulsive. She needs to clean up her sloppy act.”

“In this day and age, I am so disgusted with these so called women not telling Dorinda to STFU! All companies that work with them should drop them as they support bullying,” a Twitter user said.

On May 7, Tinsley told Andy Cohen, 52, on WWHL that her eggs are “still on ice.”

“They are still frozen. We will see if they will be used or not,” she teased whether or not the couple will have children.

As tonight’s episode aired, Tinsley confirmed her time on the Bravo series was done in an Instagram message.

She wrote: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my fans and friends who supported me and are happy for my fairy tale ending.

“Without #RHONY, I would never have met my prince charming, Scott. Being a Housewife was such a fun experience.

Tinsley first joined the cast of RHONY during season nine in 2017.

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