Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness Stir Relationship Rumors With Kissing Photo

Sparks were flying on the Fourth of July and they set the internet ablaze over whether two members of Queer Eye’s Fab Five were dating.

In a sweet post on Instagram, chef Antoni Porowski shared a photo of himself with beauty guru, Jonathan Van Ness, kissing in the back seat of a car, calling the annual holiday their “anniversary.”

“I guess Amurica’s birthday’s our anniversary, babe. ❤️,” he captioned the series of photos, that starts with the pair kissing.

Van Ness’s podcast account, Getting Curious with JVN, responded to the post with a series of heart eye emojis — but that’s all the information fans were getting for the time being.

People were quick to speculate and Porowski’s comment section was bombarded with comments asking if the kiss indicated the start of a relationship between the costars.

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“WE ARE LOSING OUR S— AND YOURE ABOUT TO BREAK THE INTERNET, TELL US THE TRUTH!!!!!!” one user wrote, while another joked, “Oh that’s what all the fireworks were for.”

In March, Porowski confirmed he was still dating Flipping Out alum, Trace Lehnhoff. Though Lehnhoff last shared a selfie of the pair together in May.

And there were, of course, some people who believed the kiss was just a friendly sign of affection between the friends, with one user writing, “why they gotta be messing with people like this.”

This isn’t the first time some have questioned the stars’ relationship status. In March, the Fab Five sat down with WIRED to answer the internet’s “most searched” questions about them and their hit Netflix show. When it came time to answer questions about Porowski, one asked if he and Van Ness were dating. With the whole group laughing, Porowski and Van Ness put the rumors to rest, explaining that they were not.

Van Ness even shared a story about a time when he thought Porowski was going to declare his love for him (which ended up not being the case), telling the outlet that he quickly told his friend he thought they were “much better friends.”

The hairdresser also revealed why he thought people were so convinced they were dating.

“I think the reason that they ask this is because you, and you [Tan France], both insist on holding my hand in an interlaced fashion,” he said to his friends, who happened to be holding hands, during the interview.

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