Pregnant Paloma Faith says she’s at ‘breaking point' and refusing to leave the house scared she’ll get Covid in hospital

PALOMA Faith has opened up to fans about her pregnancy worries, admitting she's at "breaking point" amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 39-year-old, who announced she's expecting her second child after six rounds of IVF last year, has vowed "not to step outside again" until the birth.

Alongside a picture of herself showing off her blossoming baby bump, Paloma confessed her fears of catching Covid after going outside and being approached by fans.

The singer explained that she went for a walk with her four-year-old daughter – who she shares with Leyman Lahcine, 33 – when other people stepped too close for comfort.

She explained that following the incident her "anxiety was through the roof" and had left her no choice but to "vow" to stay inside.

"Some people I knew approached me in the park yesterday as I was taking my little one for a walk for some exercise," Paloma wrote.

"I felt like I was going to break down into tears begging them not to come near as I scrambled to put both our masks on."

Despite the "kind and empathetic" response from those around her, Paloma added: "I vowed that would be the last time I step outside my house until the baby is born."

The Only Love Can Hurt Like This star continued that she was feeling nervous about giving birth during the pandemic.

Stressing the importance of being careful to protect her children, especially the "baby in her tummy" that was conceived by IVF.

"I couldn't help thinking about all the effort that goes into trying to conceive a child through IVF," Paloma began.

"Together with all the worry in vitro that it's safe and doing well, then with the pandemic on top… I feel responsible not just for the baby in my tummy, but my 4-year-old too.

"Like if something was to happen to me, how would she ever recover?

"I have so much worry and so much responsibility on my shoulders, I was at breaking point yesterday."

Paloma told her fanbase she was "exhausted" from the stress and had been "anxiety eating" to try and calm her nerves.

"I'm also worried about going into the hospital and catching it in there too," the star continued of her list of worries.

"I just bought some n99 makss but does that mean if I stay in the hospital for a week like last time, because we were both so ill, that I will have to wear a mask the entire time and sleep in it also?

"No amount of mindfulness is going to reverse this!"

She joked that she had been binge watching Married at First Sight Australia's latest season to reduce stress, calling it the "one thing for it".

Paloma previously opened up about the "struggle" of trying to conceive her second baby using IVF.

In another emotional Instagram post, Paloma wrote: "This child is so wanted, it's my 6th round of IVF and was a struggle to get here."

She announced the pregnancy weeks before, vowing to stay "real" with her fanbase as she admitted she had previously suffered from postpartum depression.

"I had a very traumatic first birth and I also am prone to postpartum depression," Paloma revealed.

"Being a mother is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me, but I will swell up and I won't 'glow'!

"I intend to be very real about this with you all! To all the other pregnant women out there who are as in love with their babies but simultaneously s***ing themselves, let's do this!"

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