Power Book II: Ghost Season 3: Cast Talks Monet in Mourning, What Tariq Doesn't Know (Yet) and More — Watch

Brayden and Effie have a deadly secret at the start of Power Book II: Ghost‘s upcoming Season 3. And if you think what their business partner and friend Tariq doesn’t know can’t hurt them… have you seen this show?

“For Brayden and Effie, obviously it’s kind of weird, and kind of a little bit awkward, because they’re holding something from Tariq,” series star Michael Rainey Jr. tells TVLine in the video above. Meanwhile, he adds, his character is “oblivious” to the notion that Effie and Brayden were involved in the murder of Lauren, Tariq’s onetime girlfriend, “so he’s just thinking everything is fine and dandy.”

He gestures to co-stars Gianni Paolo and Alix Lapri, who sit next to him. “And these two, they’re over here trying to figure out how they’re going to, you know, escape the whole situation without the truth coming out. They’re trying to figure out how they can get the truth out without Tariq losing his mind.”

The Starz drama returns Friday, March 17, at 9/8c (watch a trailer) and immediately picks up the major threads left dangling at the end of Season 2. Among them: Monet’s all-consuming grief over the death of her son, Zeke, and her unrelenting push to make his murderer pay. (In another huge secret the audience knows but a main character doesn’t: Monet’s husband, Lorenzo, wielded the gun that killed her kid.)

“She lost her baby,” Mary J. Blige, who plays Monet, says. “They were reconciled, almost… and then he gets killed.” Also gone: Zeke’s promising future in the NBA, which would’ve made it possible for Monet and her family to get out of the illicit pharmaceuticals business.

“She also lost that exit strategy, which was him, because she doesn’t want to be in the game anymore,” Blige adds, chuckling ruefully. “And now, she doesn’t have either.” Bottom line? “She’s not doing well.”

Press PLAY on the video above to hear from Rainey Jr., Lapri, Paolo and Blige — as well as co-stars Lovell Adams-Gray, LaToya Tonodeo and Woody McClain — then hit the comments with your Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 predictions!

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