'Poldark': Would A Relationship Between Ross and Elizabeth Work?

PBS period drama Poldark, which takes place in 18thcentury Cornwall, has fans on the edge of their seats. One question viewers aremulling over is whether Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) and Elizabeth Warleggan (HeidaReed) would work as a couple. Here’s what some viewers had to say on Reddit.

One viewer said Elizabeth wouldn’t put up with Ross Poldark for long

Things might go well in the beginning, but once thehoneymoon period wears off, some fans don’t think Elizabeth would stick around.When the going gets tough, it’s likely Elizabeth would bail. Here’s what a fanon Reddit had to say:

Ross had so many failings and I don’t see Elizabeth as someone who’d roll up her sleeves and help out. If Ross would live with her long enough, he’d see how dependent she’d be on him for pretty much anything and everything. Elizabeth, in turn, would turn to resent him for his failings and not being wealthy enough and having to trudge alongside his failures. Unless Ross was very wealthy, or Elizabeth willing to do hard labor, I don’t see this youthful childish love as sustainable long term. Their entire love is based on fantasies and what ifs.

Some think Elizabeth would choose money over love

Apparently, love isn’t enough for Elizabeth. Fans believe she’sso concerned with living a comfortable lifestyle that she would eventually choosesnuggling up with a stack of cash over the warm embrace of Ross’ arms:

If Elizabeth married Ross from the start, Elizabeth would not be content. Yes, Ross would do anything to make Elizabeth happy, but it wouldn’t change the fact that his mining ventures would fail. She would likely be ostracized by high society because of Ross and his unconventional ways. Furthermore, we can gather that Elizabeth likes high society life, so I don’t think she’d be able to let go of that lifestyle even for the love of her life.

Other Poldark viewers disagreed, saying Elizabeth would have been a better match for Ross than Demelza

Is Elizabeth really a better match than Demelza? Fans seemto think so. A Poldark viewer argued that Elizabeth is Ross’ one truelove, so it would work out in the end. She thinks Ross’ wife, Demelza couldn’treally compete with the strong bond between him and Elizabeth:

I think Ross and Elizabeth would have been fantastic for each other. First off, Elizabeth was his first and best love, and she was crazy in love with him too. If they would have ended up together, he would not have gone on all those dangerous adventures to get away. Remember how much he hated fighting in America and was thrilled to get home? That was because of Elizabeth. Second, Elizabeth was from money. She knew how to work the “society circles” and would have been excellent at guiding Ross into good decisions politically.

Are Ross and Demelza built to last?

Ross and Demelza’s union might have just been a pitywedding. It could have also been a revenge marriage, according to one fan. “Rossreally only married Demelza because he felt guilty for sleeping with her, andprobably a little bit to get back at Elizabeth,” wrote the viewer.

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