Pointless fans spot players fuming reaction at partner for incorrect answer

A Pointless contestant looked mortified when her partner made a trivial mistake on the gameshow.

American player Emily, who now lives in Cambridge studying for her PhD, appeared on the popular BBC show with her partner Aaron.

But things soon unravelled when they were given the topic of US geography.

Host Alexander Armstrong explained: "We gave 100 people 100 seconds to name as many US states and state capitals that contain repeated vowels as they could."

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Aaron, who went first on the round, said: "I'm going to go with somewhere that I've been, so I'm going to go with Minneapolis."

Emily gave him a side-eye before the host said: "Minneapolis, says Aaron, and he's been there.

"Let's see how many of our 100 people said that…oh bad luck, Aaron, I'm so sorry.

"I'm afraid an incorrect answer – scores you 100 points."

While the city does have repeated vowels, it is not a US state or state capital as the question asked.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed Emily appeared unimpressed as it meant they remained the highest scores throughout the round.

One said: "Oh, she's not happy at all!"

"Emily is fuming!" a second noted and a third wondered: "Could Emily kill Aaron after this? I think so."

A fourth shared: "Emily is not hiding her feelings."

At the end of the secound round, Emily gave her best answer despite having to leave the show.

The PhD student said: "The pressure feels higher than with the history, actually. I'm going to go with Des Moines, which is in Iowa."

As the bar started moving, Alexander said: "Des Moines is right…and it's a pointless answer!

"Very well done indeed, Emily!"

She contributed another £250 to the jackpot,which took the total up to £5,000.

Guest Richard Osman added: "Very well done, it's a lovely way to leave us. Listen, tough, Minneapolis.

"Annapolis would have been a pointless answer – I can take you through some pointless answers there: Albany, Baton Rouge, Denver…you could have Oklahoma City, Sacramento, that's California.

One viewer added: "And it was a Pointless answer. Emily showing how you do it before having to go out. Aaron's ears gonna be hurting during the cab ride home."


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