Piers Morgan slams Lauren Goodger for dangerous views on vaccination

Piers Morgan has implored Good Morning Britain viewers not to listen to Towie’s Lauren Goodger after she shared dangerous views on the coronavirus vaccination.

The vaccine is vital in ending the Covid-19 pandemic and inoculating the population will mean people won’t become ill from the virus, which takes the pressure of the NHS, and lockdown restrictions will be able to be lifted.

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has confirmed the Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford vaccine is both safe and effective for use.

Lauren publicly announced that she would not take the jab, despite scientists explicitly stating it is safe, and she ‘doesn’t believe in face masks’.

Piers slammed the 34-year-old reality star on today’s Good Morning Britain and branded her an ‘imbecile’ for her view.

‘Here’s a picture of Lauren Goodger. What do you think she’s been shovelling in her face?’ Piers began. ‘Where does that come from Lauren?


‘What have you been injecting in those lips? Did you check where it came from?These people are absolute half-wits.’

‘Are you sure we should even give time to people who say they won’t take the vaccine?’ asked co-host Susanna Reid.

‘We have to,’ Piers hit back. ‘Here’s the problem. They are getting attention on social media. They are already giving views to millions of young, impressionable people and they’re not getting challenged.

‘My point is, these reality stars are stuffing their faces with plastic things and surgery and injections and so on, and yet banging on about vaccines.

‘It’s ridiculous. Do not listen to these imbeciles because it will cost lives.’

‘Let’s not give them a platform,’ Susanna suggested.

‘They already have a platform and they’re spewing it all over social media all day long,’ Piers replied. ‘It’s got to stop.

‘These people are wielding a really unhealthy noise debate which will deter young people from taking this seriously. It’s ridiculous.

‘I look at her face, she’s put loads of stuff in her lips, she can probably afford to take a risk with the vaccine.’

Dr June Raine, the chief executive of the UK’s MHRA, said there ‘should be no doubt whatever that this is a very safe and highly effective vaccine’, after 1million people in the UK got their first dose of the Pfizer jab.

On the coronavirus vaccine’s safety, she explained: ‘I would really like to emphasise that the highest standards of scrutiny, of safety and of effectiveness and quality have been met – international standards. ‘And so there should be real confidence in the rigour of our approval.

‘More than that, our Commission on Human Medicines has scrutinised every piece of data too, so there should be no doubt whatever that this is a very safe and highly effective vaccine.

‘It will help us turn the corner. There’s really not one of us who hasn’t been affected by this pandemic, and our organisation, like every other, has been completely focused on doing our job to be able to help defeat this terrible disease.’

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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