Piers Morgan forced to apologise as Gregg Wallace is axed from Good Morning Britain after they 'ran out of time'

PIERS Morgan was forced to apologise as Gregg Wallace was axed from Good Morning Britain after they "ran out of time".

After teasing the Masterchef host's appearance on the ITV show all morning, viewers were disappointed when he was dropped at the last minute.

It followed an extended interview with Health Secretary Matt Hancock about the whole country being plunged into Tier 4.

Susanna Reid said: "Well we were hoping to speak to Masterchef host Gregg Wallace about his four and a half stone weight loss, but unfortunately we spent so much time with the Health Secretary that we have lost Gregg.

"We can tell you he has a brilliant new series that starts tomorrow night on ITV at 7.30pm."

Piers added: "And we will do a proper interview with Gregg when we do have more time.

"Apologies to Gregg for running out of time today. It has obviously been a very busy news day.

"Thank you for joining us, we will be back tomorrow."

Gregg was due to appear on GMB to talk about how the Covid-19 pandemic made him "fearful for overweight men".

The cooking show judge, 56, dropped from over 16 stone to 12 stone after being warned by doctors that he was heading for a heart attack.

But Gregg's motivation has only gotten stronger during the pandemic, as the virus affects overweight and older people much more.

"I remember thinking, 'Oh God, what if I was still fat? I could have been really ill,'" he told The Telegraph.

The star continued: "I felt incredibly relieved that if I caught it I'd probably be OK. It's made me fearful for other men."

He dropped the weight by going to the gym, cut down his five pints a day to two pub visits a week and swapping fried foods and pizzas for healthy home cooked meals.

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