Phillip Schofield apologises to This Morning guest as Holly loses it

This Morning: Phil apologises to guest for Holly's laughing

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On Wednesday’s episode of This Morning, host Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were celebrating all things Burns Night. However, when trying to pronounce the Scottish food they’d be eating on the show, Holly was left in hysterics over her blunder.

During the show, the duo were speaking to Gok Wan live from Glenapp Castle as he informed viewers about ITV’s current competition.

To celebrate Burns Night, the presenter was surrounded by Scottish locals as they played the bagpipes and cut into a feast of haggis on the table.

Before cutting back to Phil and Holly back in the studio, Gok and the people in the castle lifted their glasses in celebration.

Holly informed Gok that they’d both be toasting later on in the show with their celebrity chef of the day, suzanne mulholland’s meal.

She said: “I think we’ve got some whisky to have with our- tovies.”

Picking up on the blunder, as she had meant to say stovies, Phil and Holly were thrown into a fit of laughter as they struggled to compose themselves.

Giggling, Phil commented: “Tovies, Holly has decided today not to use the letter S.”

Wanting to move on, Holly tried to introduce their next guest onto the show but was caught up on the slip-up and struggled to keep it together.

She said: “Thank you very much Gok, now over the last 30 years she starred in some of Britain’s biggest TV shows including-”

However, she was unable to continue her sentence as Phil was distracting her as he carried on laughing.

Chuckling, Holly told her co-host: “Stop it! I can feel you laughing next to me, just stop it. Sorry.”

Phil continued: “But now, try and be professional, Sarah Parish is going from screen to stage.

“She joins the cast of a new West End play, Trouble in Butetown, she’s here now. I’m so sorry, that was a rubbish introduction.”

Luckily, their guest found it all in good jest and was laughing along at the two presenters who tried to contain their sniggers.

The food that Holly was trying to pronounce earlier on in the show was Stovie, a traditional Scottish meal that often features leftover food.

Earlier on in the show, Phil asked Suzanne what the food was exactly as the chef informed viewers of the traditional dish.

She said: “It’s basically meat and potatoes all mixed together into a bit of a stodgy dish, perfect for winter and quite a good one for Burns Night for anybody that doesn’t like haggis.”

This isn’t the first time that the presenting duo have found themselves in fits of laughter as there are often segments that leave them in fits of giggles.

One woman, who makes £3k a month selling flatulence videos, reduced Holly to tears in an episode as she was unable to get her words out.

Before the interview had even begun Holly was struggling to compose herself and completely lost it when the sound crew played noises into the studio afterwards.

The 41-year-old was in hysterics and snorted at the practical joke with her co-host Phil laughing wildly alongside her.

This Morning continues weekdays on ITVX and ITV1 from 10am.

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