Peter Andre says he was 'freaking out' after learning he had coronavirus and feared being put on oxygen tank

PETER Andre has admitted he was "freaking out" after he tested positive for coronavirus last month.

The 47-year-old said it affected him "psychologically" as he continually worried if it was "going to get worse".

Singer Pete took to Australia's The Morning Show alongside wife Emily to explain his constant worries that his symptoms would worsen.

"Once I had it, you have go the psychological side of it where you start freaking out about, 'Is this going to get worse'," the father-of-four told the show.

The Mysterious Girl star said it was needing to be hooked up to an oxygen tank that scared him the most, having seen it happen to others on TV.

"Only because you are hearing all the stories every day on the news about people that are in intensive care and people that are on oxygen and you start to fear it," Pete continued.

Despite still suffering with some symptoms weeks after recovering from the virus, Peter admitted he was "so convinced" it wasn't the deadly disease in the first place.

While he presumed he'd picked up a virus from his son Theo, Pete and wife Emily were shocked by the positive Covid result.

He urged viewers not to "ignore" the signs: "Don't ignore your symptoms, because it might not be what everyone else has had."

The singer detailed that his symptoms included "body aches" and a "tickly cough" as well as extreme tiredness, but didn't suffer from a fever at any point.

Peter previously documented part of his coronavirus fight in a YouTube video, admitting that at times it was "agony".

Explaining that he was "incredibly achey" and had "a cough", Pete told the camera he felt he'd picked something up from his four-year-old son.

Emily agreed: "If I was a gambling woman, I'd say you probably caught a virus from Theo and it isn't Covid."

As his symptoms worsened, Pete was still adamant that his test would be negative, filming from his bed as he shared: "I woke up this morning, I haven't got my results back yet, when I woke up today I was aching all over.

"I was in absolute agony… But I don't think it's coronavirus – my coughing has subsided and I haven't had a temperature. Either way, I don't think it is coronavirus."

The Mysterious Girl hitmaker was then understandably gobsmacked to receive a positive test, but admitted he was pleased not to be suffering severely.

Another later video on social media saw him sleeping in a mask on the sofa, telling fans that the virus made him "want to sleep so much".

His wife, Emily, who has been working as a NHS frontline doctor during the pandemic, received her first dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine last week.

The mum-of-two decided to get the vaccine because she wanted to "protect" her patients and colleagues from the deadly virus.

"I am young and healthy, but I work with vulnerable  patients of all different ages, people in different health conditions, and also I have to protect my colleagues as well," she said.

Epsom Hospital in Surrey documented Emily’s inoculation on Twitter, posting several photos of her getting the jab from a nurse.

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